when is event to be announced

I might be wrong but doesn’t the next event get announced today what taking so long I thought it would be announced by now we need 2 no please sick of missing out

am in full agreement

Crazy granny event…

Sucks I want blacksmith :slightly_frowning_face:

just bein announced now crazy granny event dnt like this event ?

Okay, At least we can get some meltable items more cheap :mellow:

I didn’t use granny for a long time already. So extra time to relax for me.



At least I can hire workers :slight_smile:

are workers cost reduced?

no :slight_smile:

no :slight_smile:

try out granny event its absolutely useless for people who haven’t got lods of gems I have gems did about 15 to 20 rerolls to get good gear manage to get some but wasn’t. Able to buy any because they all change from money to buy to gems what a joke I ain’t spending 400 odd gems on gear why cant they leave 1 or 2 were you can buy with gold the only ones you can buy with gold are shit and at the start all legendary gear are for gems or shit load of pearls not happy at all the game really wants you to spend spend spend which I do but still not enough flare at least make the gear balance between gems gold n pearls and not just gems n pearls for good gear HATE THIS EVENT rant over <_<

The more you spend the more you get disappointed. G&M/G&M. will help everybody under depression of “after spending” to be normal and happy again.  :lol:

Seriously, I see a downward trend. Maybe the developers will be able to check it before it’s too late.


Last time I wasted 50+ gems just for rerolling :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it was already useless the last time: After rerolling for 50+ gems no legendary items for gold. And spending 500+ gems for an item is a waste, you only get a minimal upgrade compared to your old gear. And then you’d have upgraded only 1 out of 9 items. You won’t even notice. Maybe you’d notice it, if all 9 items were new. But that costs 4500+ gems. These are better invested into blacksmith slots or alliance tower.

No thanks.

Well, since items are on sale a bit, I get more pearls for less gold. That my only use of granny anyway.

Prior to the last granny event, during granny sales there were legendary items for gold in stead of soly for gems. Unfortunately they removed this part, the only good part of a granny sale, from the event. Flare is very good in fuck good things up and make bad things worse :slight_smile:

Granny event its not totally useless. Just for player level 80+ with gear level 100+

This events its more for low player between level 1 and 60 who can find better items for 0 gems

Player like us with huge gear level 110 or 120 sure you have 0% chance to get better gears same if you waste 1000 gems

for me this event its for low player. Good for them if they can find better items during this 3 days

I find other use of this event. You can reroll with 0 gems 2 time to find better items to melt them. Sometime you are stuck because you find only items with gems,pearls or a black items at 200k. This event allow to find better items for free for melting


^^ even for lower players I would advise to invest the gems in other things like packages, workers, third spell/troop slot, AT etc. Coz since low level players level up fast they will always start getting a lot better items after 1-2 weeks. So imagine why waste 500-1000 gems if we can get better items from war chest that’s too for free.

That’s my motto. Gems are for thing you can only buy with them. If you can get something by spending gold or waiting a bit, don’t use gems. Same goes for pearls.

The value of all items you buy from granny or even find in COF is greatly reduced during this event.  Meaning you get about half the pearls you normally would have gotten for melting the item.


And maybe that’s why I get almost no items now from CoF at the moment. Very often I get bread, gold and vouchers now. Raided like crazy yesterday, but could barely feed my three (yes you read it correctly!) melting spots. And indeed, pearls are reduced somewhat, I have similar feeling.

I rather leave the gold unprotected for grab (need to drop trophies anyway, hint, raid me) for others then to buy items for 1M+ and melting them down for a louzy 3-6 gems.