When is Pro Shop rotation happening?

I am almost positive it’s been over a month since the last time items in Pro Shop haved changed.

Why is it taking so long? It clearly feels longer than any other time before. Anyone got any information? Their silly FAQ doesn’t cover any of that.

It’s been nearly 3 months I think.

Agreed, it has been forever. I suppose it’s great if you like XP gear, which must be 17 people on Earth.

8 weeks, next rotation is this friday

Is 8 weeks a confirmed period by Flare staff that has been publicly stated anywhere? Regardless, that is way too long and should be reduced to a month.


I’ll also take this opportunity to repost my suggestion from another topic, to which Flare has not replied so far:

  • Move the Monthly Pro League Leaderboard reset (and Shop’s item rotation reset as well) to the same day, preferrably at the end of each month instead of in the middle of it.
  • Remove the Pro League Girl from the Shop’s screen; she’s just taking unnecessary space which could be better utilized for more item slots instead.
  • Add 6 more Item Slots to the Pro Shop now that you’ve got rid of the poor Girl.
  • Out of those 6 additional Item Slots, a maximum of 2 Slots should be taken by Pals, making it a rather split between 12 Item slots and 6 Pal slots, a nice 18 total. Item sets are more important and many more people desire them than people desire Pals, which are also more expensive when it comes to a singular purchase, not to mention an entire Pro League set costs far more than a Pro Pal does.
  • Do not wait 3-6 months to do this; do it in 1 month instead, because you know it’s the right decision and one that is already overdue for release.

For anyone interested, the full post can be found here.

Every 6 weeks is probably about right.

Probably too scared to change it in case they break the game further ??

I think they need time , may be creating some new items

8 weeks, in my opinion,is a great job of handling the timing by Flaregames. While it may seem like a while, I think it gives players who don’t spend gems for tickets, a chance to play two times per rotation, and perhaps get a higher priced item

I find it fair enough. 6 or 8 weeks give the time to everyone to buy the items they want. At 6000 crystal you need to do like 2 or 3 Pro league. for a free player its 3 month to accumulated crystal. Sadly I don’t participate in Pro with all the cheater and hacker and not before Flare cleans them all. I lose the chance to buy XP gear. The boots is so much interesting… and I think the others one is the glove with XP too. Anyway I wait to be level 100 or 110 before do Pro League to have strong stats

Like I have said somewhere the solution for a win-win for everyone. Flare should add a button to change items. Like 100 crystal cost for each try. You have 9 items or close so. 100 crystals for 9 others,100 crystal for 9 others and so on…

this way the one who want Pro items can buy it and the one who want change can change it