When is the update due?

Hi, guys…any sneak peaks into the update (if present)

Its been long since the last minor update. We look forward to the best update in RR2 by FG. Please don’t disappoint and no upgrades of what is present in the current version.

New stuff is welcome, a new war map definitely, and pro leagues to be more real and less cheating!!


I can confirm that Version 4.0 is already out for two weeks now. Still showing V 3.9.1 and no new features is just another of those display bugs which will be fixed eventually. Or soon™. After finally releasing a teaser trailer about how exited FG is about this thing. ?

lol “Display Bug”


Did you not notice? There appear to be no more real bugs in RR2. Only „Display Bugs“. It is your screens fault now.?

i don’t think RR2 will have 4.0 soon. Olympus Rising got the 4.0 yesterday and its a disaster and a totally fail. Forge nerf and the donation bonus who will affect alliance and more. We have a huge topic discussion with the developer and that don’t going well right now. The game will lose so much players.He start to lie to us and all. So I will not be sure the 4.0 will arrive soon. I don’t think Flare will risk to kill 2 game at the same time. Don’t count on 4.0

in OR the 4.0 have cause disconnection,crash and so many player on IOS don’t have access to the game. Same after a fix with 4.0.1. If I was Flare wait the situation will be solve on OR before lauch 4.0 in RR2.If the same thing happen in RR2. You can just put a lock on your door. OR will suffer drastically of this 4.0 version.We don’t know at which point. Same top players start thinking to stop playing and huge number of players.

Wait for 4.0 is the best advice for now

for the one who don’t play OR and want to know what happen read this :



we need to get some more ‘chapters’ before the 4.0 so at least wait 2-3 weeks for sure…