When is the war pairing system going to be fixed?

I am the leader of The Great Jimingos and this is now the second season in a row that our map is impossible after the war pairing was “fixed”. We had all the teams dump their fiefs on us and we had over 60. Seriously, are we going to have to sit out the next few seasons until we are at 50 fiefs before we have a chance to win? On our current map we have the following ranks: 12, 13, 20, 22, 25 and we are 53.

its called match making and this is the 3rd impossible map for my team

I thought flare fixed this though. I understand that the fief count is not supposed to be the only factor. I also understand that sometimes we will have easy wars and sometimes impossible wars but the closest rank to us is rank 25. Matchmaker is what they use when you randomly pick someone to raid. War pairing is the pairing of teams during alliance wars.

i know what you are talking about i’m talking about the same thing


Flare made the system worst than before i have no easy wars anymore 

Well i just think even if Flare fixed it good or not,the luck,sadly,is always the main factor. 


Please wait until the end.
In the previous season, also I thought that we have no chance.
… We did not win, but it was very balanced.
Here it is not about you!!!
 all the time in the top three …
In my opinion(if only everyone in the alliance  are fighting),
 seasons are now more balanced

I of course never said it was all about me. I am just pointing out that it appears we were placed on a map with all teams of similar fiefs. I also know we will not place every season. When you are ranked 53 and you are placed against top 20 alliances it is very unlikely that the bottom half of your team can raid. 

The war pairing system is still based on fief count. I was under the assumption that there are more factors involved. The last 2 seasons have proven otherwise.

3 seasons for me

jeez flare did not even take away the bonus fiefs they gave you…how is that fixed.     get all 18 dumped on you and flare adds 10 more


Not sure if joking ?

i am not. it happened on our map also.   les francais got dumped on…they got the 15 fiefs from war map and xtra from flare.  les francais now has todes and rl on map




We might as well disband and drop fiefs for the next few months. An almost all max base is crap without war boost.

check out suggestions and improvments section…it shows the russian team that was dumped on 2 or 3 times in a row…flare needs to correct that for them too

Flare prevented the fief dropping now, but it will probably take a few war seasons for those extra fiefs to be unwound and the alliances affected get back to their normal fief range.

because of this problem i’m leaving my team and looking for a very strong and active team and some members are coming with me

It’s good… but sad… to read that my alliance isn’t the only alliance suffering from the war matching (or should that be mismatching).

We’re a small but pugnacious alliance that LOVE a good scrap, often beating higher ranked alliances; however this season takes some beating. We have 9 active members, 28 fiefdoms… and ranked 2279.

We’ve been matched this time against teams ranging from 1000-1600 places higher with between 2x and 4x the players.

I suggest something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with the matching system… or perhaps the game developers are sadists who enjoy alliances being used as canon fodder.

Come on Flare… don’t take it out on us Brits just because we voted to leave the EU… (please note…gallows humour… NOT paranoia) please make the matching system much more equitable.


If you’re beating higher ranked alliances often, then you will start getting hard wars, the war will push the alliance to grow beyond 9 members.  My guess is that with thousands of alliances, a win one season will push you significantly higher the next season.


Please fix the war matching. It is no longer competitive or fun. Our ally was out numbered by at least 10 players by every other team in the map…3rd war in a row?40 people fighting 54 people is just stupid!! I looked at leaderboard there were many allies the same size As us , with same fiefdom count. WHY cant we fight like sized and like ranked teams? Make it fun and competitive for all?