When is tomorrow???

Its now 18.12 and time was 00.11 here in Finland, Gmt +2.

Cannot open my next chest yet.

So in what time zone lives flare/rr2?

I was thinking this about half an hour ago!

I already got my chest on my iOS device, but not on windows desktop (both in germany  :grinning:

Check out my latest post here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7777-wtf-50-free-gems-a-day/?p=56105#entry56105

So looks like Windows users have to wait more until tomorrow comes… :confused:

Just logged on and got mine. I believe Phage is a windows player too

Edit: 117 gems from 2 chests

Yeah! Logged in after making my last post & got gems too.

I got 51 in total, how much did you got?

so on WP tomorrow comes at +0


(9am local time)

50 something then 60 something