When it's time to leave....


Ohh sweety… Please don’t leave…

Wahhhhhhhh :slightly_frowning_face:

I speak for the team as I say we are going to miss you from the bottom of our hearts Tracy, our beloved warrior queen. You are one of the main reasons why many players enjoy being with us, your chats are more than legendary. That was one of the reasons  why a lot of members always were connecting, they didn’t want to miss any message of you. If it was possible, we would build a team statue for you, you definitely would deserve it.


Thank you for being part of our team, we are proud and honored we had the chance and luck  to be part of your team. But as we always say, private life comes first, take good care of your family Tracy, they deserve your attention, not a game. Take your well deserved break and we hope you will visit us someday.


Whenever you think back on us in the future, remember on the good old days with us. We had a lot of funny moments together. Just remember that whenever you want, you are welcome to visit us, even during a war season, there always will be an warm open spot waiting for you, we will roll out the carpet.


All I can do now is wishing you all the best Tracy.



You already contacted me ingame about it, and it is a sad thing you are leaving…

Thanks for your time and the nice talks :slight_smile:

I hope we’ll be able to chat again someday!


Good luck in your life and take care! :slight_smile:

you do the only right thing:)

I wish you all the best:)

Maybe we play in future in a other game:)

That would be fun :slight_smile:

I would love that !

When you find 1 PM me here :grinning:



I think the skulls in the chests and the grinding is beyond a joke. It would be better to keep a bigger following of players who pay a bit occasionally, then a few who feel they need to spend a fortune on a war and they decide to leave…


I’m cynical but there are no gem offers for 2 weeks. this coincides with the release of new things and skulls in chests forcing people to buy expensive gems


Flare needs to realise people wont continue to buy their skulls or spend their whole life grinding. you definitely are sensing resentment in the big alliances when the war starts…because we know we need to do our “bit” but that “bit” is giving up our lives for days! its not sensible or sustainable.


Will miss you Animal! Going to miss the actual laughing out loud times we had. (including spilling the wine from laughing so much!)

what am i to you!!!(let me guess…chop liver), of all people ive lost in game this is the worst because her and the entire g&m alliance changed me…bye(i say that as im crying acting like im cool while holding a tissue box)

Hehe Mike, we gave ROFL a new meaning !

We had epic chats, my wingman :grinning:



My </3 is now <3, that means my broken heart was revived to its heartful…well…heart!

Hi Tracy,


You were an inevitable part of our alliance. This delicate tuneup, that made sure all the machine goes running smooth.

We all are going to miss you. Those chats full of humor, this enormous fun we had together. This wonderful girl, that all knew will be always there for them.


Some decisions are not easy, but a person must take them.


Sad to say goodbye to a friend. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thinking of you, I have wrote a special song about losing a friend. Called “a requiem to friendship”. It will be released in a couple of months. Please follow, you will find it published on the Bandcamp in our first English album.


So, take care of your “Slave” and daughters and come to visit sometimes to chat.


Bye Tracy…