When new festival will start?

Usually Wednesday after conquest a festival starts at 14:00 gmt+2. So I would expect a festival to be active now. Is it delayed or postponed due to later end of conquest?

Could be tat I am getting old :older_man: and make a mistake, but where is that festival?

It will start in 3h41m, so it will start at 19h00m on your timezone (GMT+2)


That’s an event, I wrote about festival. That always starts on Wednesday after conquest. Maybe that schedule did change.

No, it started on Thursdays, not Wednesdays.

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You mean the Royal Festival?

That’s at the end of the month.

It comes after Conquest. You have in some wrong information with you.

It used to be on the end of month, but now I’m not so sure…

These changes of scheduling just mess me up. :sweat:

I gotta make a calendar of sorts on the Wikia…

Yea usually it is after conquest. But maybe this time it is delayed by one day?

Happy cake day btw🎉

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Ok, I indeed get old in that case. I did expect it on Wednesday, but could be that it’s Thursday. Thanks for answering.

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I saw it all time, one day after conquest. Means, if cq ends today at 08:00pm, it will start next day at 03:00pm

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