When new update? For real...

Getting bored of everything currently…

  • Wars in first place, even if you get 1st place they are boring. The system itself isn’t rewarding and doesn’t make you motivated.
  • Forgings system is broken and long time is required that i’m actually losing hairs with that.
  • Pro league is fun until a certain point when you see score of almost full max score…gg
  • Upgrades take an infinite amount of time, and how can i enjoy the special war boosts like killing hero with Eagle Towers if i need to spend 2 months to get 1 tower done.
  • Spending billions of gold to upgrade the alliance to get boosts you don’t use or more like that they are same identical strength of the level before (mainly the levels between lvl 70 and 80). Range bomber you give me? Holy Paladin? Frost Trap? What a waste!
  • Cost of Boosts is out of mind: 2M of prolong for 6h goddamn what you guys think of? Demolisher? Basilisk Tower?
  • list goes on…just check all other topics of other forum members…

I thought the first set of boosts were done well, and changed the game, range bombers, stunning ogre, blunt archers, they added a different dimension to the units.  Even the war boosts did that (although doom gate is useless due to gate towers, froster useless due to low range/health), then they started adding new units, and the boost was just a double the health/attack of that unit, which was just a cynical way of adding extra boosts for no reason (it could easily have been included in the usual unit level up progress), + units like arrow tower need 3-4 boosts to be in any way useful, so no one uses, or builds any.

Even the first forging set did interesting things, slow on toxic, heal on shield, speed on knight, the newer stuff is very pedestrian.

Strongly agree to all of the above.

It has to be stressed again the war system urgently needs the changes! This is long overdue now!
Losing to a strong opponent is one thing but there is a lot of unnecessecary frustration due to the design flaws.
Most important winning too many Fiefs giving you a serious disadvantage. Alliances who usually like to fight every war (not just in the Draco / Frostblaster war) have a very hard time. Especially while progressing in the game to a point where almost everybody seems only to manage fiefs and not fight for it. It is like Flare does not want us to fight competetively every war. It is so boring and causes a lot of problems. We are having just boring/wrong/unwinnable wars for over two and a half months now and can not even drop as others seem to be more cruel in dropping / kicking their members to not win anything extra which is not needed. So it is either doing the same ■■■■■■ thing or having a disadvantage. Very difficult to keep up morale under such circumstances. But you have to do it if you at least want a chance in the “real” war which only takes place every second war.

Even if the 4.0 update will include a new kind of “conquest” event, and might get new attention, war improvements finally have to be addressed! That is so very, very important! Make it your first priority! Changing the Loser Bonus was not important to most of us. Flare could have done a quick fix by adjusting the boosts. But not even that has happened! Why? It seems Flare has no feeling at all what is happening in the game. They apparently do not realize the wars are the core of the game and the alliance life.

To tell you all the truth, I get bored to death playing this game. Pro-Leagues are really the only attacking feature I like in this game. I’ve been clinging on and hoping we get some hint about the next update, but flare shut up 3 (maybe even 4!) weeks ago! You don’t give two craps (I know Gala prefers people not using language) about your players! Or at least that’s the way it’s taken. You fix bugs WAY after they’re reported, at least 3 to 4 weeks after, and then you give this big “oooooo aaahhhh” when we see the “Leave the Hood” message in your last video. You can at least show what to expect in the next update. MANY games do that and it really helps to know when to expect the next update. I’m gonna use Epic Games as an example again. Every week they have an update, and to me, that actually seems a bit annoying, but it’s fun! They come out with a brand new weapon in Fortnite every 2 or 3 weeks and just last night I saw that they were gonna add a vending machine into the game!! They tell the players about future updates! They don’t stay silent on it, they give you the sneak peek and give you a little excitement to tide you over. What does flaregames do? They sit and let players quit. That’s an extremely horrible thing to do if you care about the players, care about the game, and, more importantly, care about your job. Ever wonder why your other games went down?

Flaregames should hire people to fix bugs.

Lol I have actually been wondering why you are very active on the forum but never level up in game???

Can we expect a version 4.0.0 soon? I don’t think so since the end of 2017 Flare don’t care anymore to give what players want and don’t care much about the support via e-mail,etc… Since 2018 have start they don’t have show they are active much. No Festival, no events, nothing for the 4th Anniversary of RR2 just a little birthday chest,etc… during a weekend they do a Pro league full of bugs without any fix because they was not here to fix anything. 

So I don’t expect any improve or new version soon… If one day we see a version 4.0.0 its not before May or June like what happen between 3.7.0 and 3.8.0 who have take 2 month or more

During this time players keep quitting and leaving. All my favorite list quit one by one and each time I put new one. 1 week after I must clean it again because they have all quit and so on… The game is really dead below level 80. What still in the game its Players level 100+ who continue to play for fun the rest quit one by one

that’s cause I attack 1500 trophy players when I DO attack jkjk :lol: 

I am not 1500 trophy player ?

I cannot agree more that war season is way over it’s date. My team, Genie & Master is winning a lot of war seasons, but even we now feel difficulties to keep our members motivated to do their war raids. 

In fact, war seasons in the current form aren’t attractive any longer. It’s becoming a burden, while it should be fun and exciting. It’s 5 days in a row doing boring fights. Last season we had 4 out of 5 days in a row multiple fights with one team. How ‘exciting’, knowing exactly whom to raid, which towers to expect at gate area and which spells you need to equip to win the raid 100%. In fact, most of those fights I do on auto pilot after raiding same player again and again. There are no surprises, we know when to launch which spells, where jester boxes are located and so on. It’s a waste of time, but we are forced to repeat this pattern to score skulls for the team. Just do take on three players you can beat 100% and then fight one of them three times and one other twice. Sounds boring? Well… in fact it is. 

Low gold, ridiculous low valued chests at the start, can you tell me who will be motivated by that? Get real, why even come with grey, green, blue and purple chests as reward and as we progress only then come up with legendary or uber chests? Those low chests are just handkerchiefs for the waste of time. Only give legendary plus higher chests as reward (for every 5k of skulls) and a minimum of 250k+ gold per raid. And to remind you, put sometimes new unique items inside the chests and not always the same stuff. Now we only find items which of we can send 99% straight away to blacksmith. 

During a war raid we raid with skull gear. Gold reward is relative low and the odds to get nice rewards inside cof decrease, since we can’t wear a lot of luck perks. While some players give some gold at the start of the war, that gold reward goes down pretty fast, when members beat that base a couple of time. For the players raiding not directly after war start, not a lot of interesting gold resources are left.

You hopefully beat a base and face another unattractive feature, the cof with skull coins in first chest. You click on a random chest and hope not to see a smiling skull face. This random casino element is just absurd and unacceptable, be fortunate and you find all skulls inside all cof without paying a single gem, be unfortunate and you either need to pay 15-45 gems per try to get the skulls or don’t get any reward at all. It’s already said numerous times, if you want us to attack highest opponents, just give the skulls after being successful, there is no need for skulls inside chests.

If you want us to continue opening chests, just put better rewards inside those chests, for example after paying gems, give us all the rewards and make sure that reward three definitely isn’t a grey item (not event worth 10 pearls),  10-12 pearls, a few vouchers or a few gems. Nope, put legendary items in there, and good rewards of other kinds. Or… make it like OR, put 6 rewards in there, 3 lower, 2 medium and a great reward. Then it’s up to the player itself if he continues opening for getting all rewards or not. 

This system is already here since April 2015 and only thing that changed are some rules and some rewards. Now it’s time to change the concept. I personally don’t like the map. Three fiefdoms connected to each other per team. Why not spread the fiefdoms all over the map, so that we can fight anyone we want and locking in a team is impossible. What I also don’t like is that teams can be eliminated. Since some teams really want to get rid of the fiefdoms, it’s not fun for the teams on that map. 

And third unattractive part is that you are depending on other teams for the number of wars you have on a day. Some have up to 6 wars on a day, while others can relax and sit back watching how others have problems doing all their raids. We can’t expect that worst case players have 36 raids (without champions, otherwise even 96 is possible!) on a day that they need to work or have other things to do. Why not going for a division/league system? At least you can guarantee that everyone has exact same amount of raids per day. I would even go further, no room for mistakes, just three raids per war, no more no less. and if you want to give players a chance to correct a mistake, make it 4 raids per war. 

@oPelle is correct with all other things he sums up. 

I don’t have any problem with starting to build new towers, but it takes ages before those new towers are maxed and forging even takes longer. We don’t want to tell our grandchildren stories about playing a raiding game where it took less time to let a beard grow and go to act as Santa, than to get new stuff usable. I for example looked how much time it would take to get a new spike maxed. It needs 20 levels to build from scratch and a lot of towers or defensive structures need a lot of upgrades to get it maxed! That will take several months already non stop and even more time to forge it to become usable! The time required to max something from scratch is just ridiculous high. I would still accept it, if we had a second defensive path where we could built stuff like this, without weakening our actual base. 

Last but not least, I now also managed to upgrade anything I had to max. What should we do with the gold? There must be something that players can do with gold (besides buying items from granny), I would already be satisfied if I could use it to help the alliance in some way. 

Oh and also i don’t think has been mentioned so many times…i would like to enjoy to use some different beasts in defense but considering that you die before bringing a beast to a considerable lvl to make it useful (lvl 7+), you need definitely to improve the chances to find pals in pal chests (pal event, daily pal chests and so on). I’m serious. Who wants to wait 5 years to max a beast?

Maybe also reduce digging time for dungeon? Why putting 1month for 1 cave. Funny thing is that you reduce the upgrade time/digging time and then you put new levels increasing the time to get the new ones so you return to the same point of before. Not even the time you have to wait is worth the reward you’ll get…

Wars definitely need a complete overhaul. The chests won from skulls are junk unless you can get to uber, and even then most of it is crap you sell or melt down. The boosts won are a joke. The prewar boosts are 5x better. Had been stuck on CoGG19 for 2 months until Tribal Archer was active. I’m back in Running with swords because Rws can’t even reach 50% participation. It’s a grind and no one sees a benefit because there is NONE. Wars and competition are the lifeblood of this game and without that competition there is no game. I’ve been playing over 2.5 years and the game is wearing thin.

so fucking true , sad story.  :unsure:

A lot of people getting bored with the game because of all the reasons mentioned by everyone in this topic. Flare really needs to change up the war boosts right now and work on making a more dynamic war system.


I have people in my alliance just hanging in there for the social aspect of it and don’t even care about the game anymore. This can not be what was intended and needs to change fast or more and more people will leave the game!