When paused, why not........

Alright, if it’s not been suggested yet, so… when the game is paused, it starts a timer of 4 minutes or 3m59s(whatever) and after that it starts main timer of the fight, giving a warning of “Battle already paused for the maximum duration.”, something like this -


It happens many times with me(and I’m certain I’m not the only one) that I pause the game for some reason and then totally forget that I had a fight ongoing  and as a result - heavy trophy loss(along with ambrosia and some reputation -_-).

So, the suggestion is, when those 4m/3m59s of pause screen are past, it shouldn’t ask “Are you still there?” and just resume the main battle and start the autoplay as well, that way there’ll still be a chance to win the fight and if not, autoplay might destroy some of the defence and atleast we’ll get some gold from that.(If hero dies during this autoplay and it will ask to revive, then start the background countdown to ask “Are you still there?”, not before that :wink: )

There are some minor(compared to above) things as well - 

  1. Thunder Charge of Artemis - If she’s not fighting anyone, I can direct her Thunder Charge in any direction I want but when she’s fighting enemies, she only charges towards the direction she’s facing which is very unhelpful, I don’t know if that’s intentional but it’s annoying and it certainly needs to be like Shield Slam of Ajax.

    • Order of powers is not right -

Call Stag should be before Thunder Charge and besides that, all of Artemis’s powers should come after Ajax’s.

True that, it would be good to have the control of Artemis so we can aim where we want and not letting her shoots birds 

Oooh, forgot to mention @CaptainMorgan

Hey @Asd0011 this feature is in the game to allow CaptainMorgan and others of Flare team to see who is cheating and who not. Like CaptainMorgan have answer in the past about this question. No chance this feature can be gone. So no change in a future

So the limit of 4 minutes and Still there message its something useful for them

@Warriornator, Yes, I also read that when CaptainMorgan said something about this time limit and as you say stop players from cheating or anything else and that’s why I was not asking to remove time limit but to start autoplay as soon as this limit is over (I also gave the reason), I didn’t think that it would be same as removing the limit so I asked about it but if it’s still same then nothing can be done anytime soon I guess but I expected a reply from CaptainMorgan as well, guess he’s more busy since new version is released  (or maybe just angry with me ).