When player quits does her/his pro-score stay with alliance?

2 related questions:

  1. If an alliance member won some pro-score in current pro-league and then quits alliance - does it affect the alliance total pro-score?

    I.e. - would his/her pro-score be deducted from alliance’s total?


  1. If a player outside alliance won some pro-crystals in current pro-league and then joins an alliance - would (s)he be assigned some pro-score to be added to alliance’s total?

1 - Yes the pro score will be deducted when a player leaves the alliance.


2 - Yes the pro score will be added to your alliance total when some joins from outside.


Interesting …

It means a player can get as many crystals as (s)he can and then - try different alliances to see whether additional score makes alliance eligible fore pro boost …

Then I would say you just found two allys that need to merge