When the 900 gems donation becomes available...

Guys… I have no idea… I bought gems and also took one time offers… After buying gems got the option of gem donation… That was like 750 gems which result 4M on donation.  But my friends were donation with 900 gems despite they have lower AT levels… which is 8M by regular. This is a big diff but just 150 more gems… I asked them some said u have to take the biggest gem pack once… To get it… I thought may be they are ryt…recently i bought the mid gem package of 1600 INR… And suddenly i noticed i have 900 gem option available now… 

So wanna know what matter for this… 

  1. Maxed ally tower

  2. Biggest gem pack purchase

  3. Have a target like 10k rupess in totall or something… 

Someone plz clarify… @FTB @Nikko @Archimedes @PaSte@GalaMorgane

Think you need to buy 20k gems pack at least once

I never bought biggest one as mentioned but got it after the last purchase of 2500 gem pack… So what to conclude?? 

i got it, no 20k gems purchased ever. i basically did daily gems all the way, lol.

Then maybe overall purchase amount then ? either 900 gems donation offer less than 9x cooldown skip donation

It depends on the amount money spent in total, no idea what the minimum is though, I never bought 20k gem pack but have 900 gem option

Yea… Got the brief idea… Still exact answer will be better… And also whether the money of one time offers get counted or not

True, I don’t think we ever got the exact answer on this. All we could do to debate and compare our spendings and bought packages to somehow figure it out.