when the blacksmith activity

blacksmith activity starts when madlen ?



Sorry fellow King, but we don’t announce these things in the forum (anymore). They will be announced in game. The one time I announced it was an exception.

we are waiting madlen :slight_smile:

There were 2 blacksmith events not long ago. I think there will be other event in the near future before blacksmith comes again.

He`s on vacation now after 2 hard weeks.

no event this weekend???

Schrodinger event. There is and there is no event until it is announced in game if and when it happens.

too bad, i hold all upgrade, waiting for event.

Me too, and it’s one of the most frustrating parts of the whole game/event thing. Either sit at full gold and pearls all week, waiting for an event that turns out to require neither, or start upgrades/forges regardles, only to realise you would’ve done it faster and cheaper if you had waited. I’m beginning to opt for removal of events (unless there’s a stable monthly schedule posted), half the time it’s a huge waste of time that should’ve been spent productively.

You can “remove” the event yourself  by not participating or caring about it =p

even if you hold you pearls until the BS event happens…it only lasts for 2-3 days max so you can only forge your stuff 4-6 times…

I don’t wait anymore on events to forge…i do it when I can or think of it and that s all…

you never have enough pearls anyway to perk everything every time during a BS events anyway ?


I can also solve all my gripes with the game by uninstalling it but I don’t think that’s what any developer/publisher strives for (except the likes of EA, but they’re mo.rons). It’s not like I’m asking for who knows what here…

But fair enough. I’ll seriously consider opting out from future discounts. I’ll get ahead faster by not following this box of chocolates of a schedule.

Would be nice if blacksmith followed ninjas so we could get the most out of it?

That’s exactly why it never happens after the ninjas  :stuck_out_tongue:

Now seriously:

It’s still gonna take a few weeks for our fellow Blacksmith to return.

Specially since it’s the last event of the rotation and we’re still missing the following events: boost your offense, boost your defense, alliance tower and pal collector event.

So it may still take 1 month (at least) for him to come back  :slight_smile: