Guys when they are going to launch alliance wars and do you guys have any idea about it,what they gonna do in that???

You should follow Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page to get all previews of Alliance Wars =) A video uploaded by RR2 shows a brief montage on how works wars. Actually nobody know at 100% what is the mechanism of it, however, i’m clearly understandind day per day its meaning and its work.

The patch will come next week so between 20-24 of April. So few days for the release.  :grinning:


Alliance Wars will come also with three new type of Elite Boosts: Doom Gate, Frenzy Frost Blaster and Surprise Mummy. These 3 elite boosts are different from the other because you can gain it only through the winning of your alliance at first place.

Alliance Wars are like tournments so who win at first place will get all three new elite boost, the allince who get the second place wil get only 2 elite boosts (frenzy frost blaster and surprise mummy), the third place will get only surprise mummy.


I can continue, but i can spoiler too much…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ve looked into this a bit… If anyone wants me to make a ‘facts and theories’ topic about Alliance Wars before it comes out let me know.

Alliance wars will be amazing.

waiting for the update… hope it releases soon :wink:

Doom gate , frenzy frost arblasters and surprise mummy are gonna rock when used together. 

The best boost will be the mummy as when it dies it spawns a group of knights so it ll cause a great change if the knights are boosted ones :stuck_out_tongue:

and now frost arblasters can easily kill boosted werewolf and these arblaster do the healing too …this would be game changing update  …lot of new strategy is coming now :wink:


I think they should arrange alliance wars on the basis of trophies.i mean seriously a rank 250 alliance will never be able to compete with top 10 alliances.competition should be on the same level I.e alliances having trophies +(-)200.



“Opponents are initialy paired based on the amount of trophies of the Alliance they are in. Later, the number of territories they were able to conquer will influence their pairing.” - Royal Revolt

the creation od tournment is based on the amount of trophies of alliance, so dont worry