when to buy uber chest


I recently bought 5 uber chest (1500) when im level 55. now I’m lvl 65 and using the uber items (lvl 80-90). should i buy another 5 uber chest to refresh my gear? or i might just get almost same lvl item since i just bought 10 levels ago. I was hoping to get boost on attacking from gear to aid me on leveling my hero. 

Don’t buy the Uber Offer. To give you advice, I’d say the best way to get Uber Items that match your king level is to participate in ninja events and earn the Uber Chests there

when i bought uber i get items 20 or more levels than my hero which help a lot. i dont think i want to get an uber item that is same as my hero. it should be more level than my hero.

Okay, yeah, I get level 130 gear from ninja Uber’s, I’m only level 94…you don’t need to buy 5 Uber Chests when you can just get 5 in 3 days from ninja