when to buy uber chests


I recently bought 5 uber chest (1500) when im level 55. now I’m lvl 65 and using the uber items (lvl 80-90). should i buy another 5 uber chest to refresh my gear? or i might just get almost same lvl item since i just bought 10 levels ago. I was hoping to get boost on attacking from gear to aid me on leveling my hero. 

i re-post here since i posted the first one on wrong section.

Buy it when you’re rich gems and when your hero level above 100.

When your condition not meet both I write, don’t buy it. You can get a lot of free Uber chest trough Ninja event, war, daily rewards, and friend uber chest.

You should give priority to spend your gems for your Alliance Tower, Blacksmith slots, and Inventory slots first. And then spend your gems for pro tickets. When after all of that you still have a lot of unused gems, that means you’re rich gems.

Just one question? why? why waste so much gems for nothing? just participate to Alliance Wars with over 30% skulls perk. Probably this option its not for you for now. You can also participate in Ninja Event. 3 Free Uber chests. 2 Free Uber chest per month plus free Uber chest via people who enter your code. I don’t get why someone should waste money or gems to buy uber when you can get them for free

With patience you can obtain all Uber items close to 84 maybe more today with all free Uber. If you have the inventory space you can collect them all without spend any gems or money

I guess you are in hurry and don’t want to wait month and month to obtain them. that why I guess you spend money. the only reason I can see 

Don’t ever buy uber chests regardless of hero level. Your gems are better spent elsewhere.