when to open magic chests?

Hi all,

Is there any logic when the magic chests should be opened?

Have tried with various standings (full silo, full bank, o food, 20k gold) and the content seems to be attributed randomly.

The worst scenario is when one reaches a legendary chest and receives a legendary 200k gold or legendary 40 gem :slightly_frowning_face:

Any thoughs on this?

No logic, it’s all randomness. If you have full silo and full treasure chamber you will find only gems, pearls, vouchers and hero items that is what most of us want, otherwise there aren’t so much solution.

all random

make sure your silo is full then you never get bread…


i once lacked  180 breads  and got 120 bread, 80.000 gold en then 60 bread because that s all the silo could take (normally the third reward is the bigger one)


so if you don’t want bread don’t touch the chests untill your silo s are full