When To start Or Even Attempt Level 8,9& 10 Oddessy Quest

Like the title of My post suggest.I would like to know at what Ascension Level a player should even Attempt doing Level 8,9& 10 odyssey quests.I have watched many videos on YouTube where Gammal, Alysea were doing Level 10 Odyssey quest at Ascension Level 115.

Like I have been doing Level 7 Odyssey quest for a month and all of my Heroes are able to complete them without any difficulty. Right now I am 88 Ascension level And have unlocked all Heroes except Artemis but will unlock Her in next three days(right now constructing level 20 Artemis Tower).

I have a very bad experience with one of my Odyssey quest where I decided do a Level 7 Odyssey quest at Level 70 Ascension level and was unable to complete the Odyssey that time.

So,any Help will be Appreciated.

If you’re able to complete level 7 adventures with no difficulty, may I suggest you try a level 8 adventure?

To elaborate on that, you only have to do ONE lvl 8 to get 5 chests, so it is definitely worth trying

Holly i am lvl 123, even for me 10 skulls are damn hard. Also Gem, wisdom, gold flies away so fast. I suggest you play with honored hero, and go for getting  2 titan chests by collecting exactly enough points and do  not go for third. And videos can manipulate you wrong. They are top players having top iyems and i think noone watches a lost video?

If you upgrade the temple of heroes at level 11, then you can upgrade that harbour to its max, which means you can do 10 skulls fights :v:

Hi Hellslord,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I appreciate the information you have provided me with and I appreciate the prompt reply…On my every odyssey I am able to collect At least one titan sea chest by doing Level 7 odysseys but there is a quest named “Eternal fame” where players are required to do level 8,9 & 10 Odysseys.So,I Intend to take on these challenges but what you told me I should probably wait for a month collect experience and level up all my heroes to level 20.Right now, I am busy leveling up Athena.

Hi Hellslord,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I appreciate the information you have provided me with and I appreciate the prompt reply.On my every odyssey I am able to collect At least one titan sea chest by doing Level 7 odysseys but there is a quest Eternal fame where players are required to do level 8,9 & 10 Odysseys.


Hi Neptune,

Thank you for the information. Well thats not what I am looking for what I want to know is at what level it is possible to attempt these quests.Right now my heroes temple is at Level 10 and harbor is at level 8.I can start a Level 8 Odyssey but do have some doubts about it But thanks anyway. Hellslord did indeed answered my question.


Ascension level is above 105, sorry, forgot to add this line. Cheers

8 can be done if prefered hero is strong and good. Honestly i finished 10 skull odyseus quest with my best hero, spending more gems than i earn from quest… I will never try again?

The trouble is not just level 8-9-10 … but that as times go on, itaca’s islands become stronger faster than you do.
A months after itaca was out, ago I was able to do 7 skulls almost in autoplay, 8 and 9 without gems mostly at least with the strong heroes, and 10 were a pain.
Now 7 skulls with weaker heroes require gems and sometime even with strong heroes, 8 and 9 are surely doable, but with 3-4 evocations usually, and 10 means spamming evocations full time.
And don’t forget that the “bonus points” on the enemy islands are random assigned, so you might do an 8 skull like a breeze once and die horribly at first towers bunch the next. I even met super statues in itaca that were impossible to take down and that were killing me in 3 hits.

So when you read posts on how the others are doing in itaca’s, keep in mind that difficult scales up as you get more itaca’s points, and it will scale up faster than you, so it will get progressively more and more difficult - and the fact that someone might be able to do a 9 skull with a single evocations doesn’t mean someone else can do it too.

So in effect, I think they did put sort of a cap in itaca’s rising. It’s not a point cap, but difficult that becomes impossible.

Ascension level should not matter. The main issue is gold, imho. The cost shoots up radically at the higher difficulties, both for gold and wisdom. A 10 skull adventure will cost 15 million gold and somewhere between 50.000 and 70.000 wisdom.

The Odyssey difficulty scales with your strength (ascension level). If you “over-ascend” (concentrate on buildings that give a LOT of ascension points) Odyssey will be impossibly hard at 8 skulls. If you max all spells before working on infrastructure, your ascension level will be low for your strength, and 8 skulls will be a breeze. It’s always a matter of balance - and keeping your account balanced for ‘generic advise’ to work.

Put another way: I know of some level 126 players that have difficulty doing 7 skulls and some that are just a little over level 100 that habitually do 5 x 10 skull every week (no idea how they get the gold for that… lol).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Prometheus
Thank you so much for the help you gave me this week. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.Now,I will be focusing on increasing my Spell levels rather than increasing ascension levels and of course will be leveling up my heroes to Level 20.Right now only have few heroes at level 20.

Hi Dheth,

 want to thank you for taking time out to answer my question.

Hey all,

This is useful conversation, thanks for posting this feedback in the forums. We are discussing making changes to the way that Odyssey difficulty is scaled.