When To Upgrade The Alliance

Other than war prep for a free boost, is there any reason not to upgrade your alliance as soon as the gold is there? Or are there other factors to be considered?

I’m exactly 2 days old here and have an 11 member alliance that all donate. Trying to learn what I can before I move too fast or make any dumb decisions.

Thanks in advance, I’m sure I’ll have more questions coming.

When you upgrade your alliance, you can have more alliance members, which theoretically means more donations too.

However keep in mind that higher alliance level unlocks also higher blessing level, so the blessings become more expensive.

If you have some divine blessings running, make sure you have enough alliance gold in stock to be able to prolong them after you upgrade the alliance, so you don’t hang out dry.

Thanks ataide. Is it normal to always have the blessings going, even for smaller alliances with minimal donations? I can see maybe as the costs are lower. And I assume the boosts are probably gonna be “pick and choose”, depending on what our majority of needs are?

When you reach higher alliance levels, the cost will increase so you might have to choose which ones you want to keep running. It is also possible to save your alliance gold and only activate blessings for war, every alliance has its own management.

I highly recommend you to incite your members to upgrade their alliance hall of Uranus when they can. It will help with the donations, donations which will help for the blessings, which will help them getting gems from defense. ?

Thanks again I appreciate the help. We haven’t even done a war yet, that’s a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys I’ll have to dig through when the time comes :wink:

I have a question to ask you: when the alliance rises, it improves something like royal revolt II?

You can have more alliance members (up to 50) and you will unlock more Blessings, and higher levels for the ones you unlocked. ?

On the other hand, blessings cost massively increases so if you do not have good donation balance per day or you do not have huge donaters, i recommend you not increase lvl fast.  Best is increase slowly and see are you in balance or not… 

Thanks, but I know that. In Royal Revolt every time the alliance rises, the level of something grows (for example barricades or some type of troop) as you can see here: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Alliance.


In the hope that some of the developers will answer me…


Ataide answered the question. You get more players and the power of blessings increases. That’s it. 

The cost is outdated as changes have been made but the blessings are still accurate.

The newer blessings (Hydra, Apollo tower and Griffin) are missing as well as the amount of members per level.







@ataide Awesome work!!

Can i use it to complete the wiki?

Yes, but forget about the cost which is not accurate anymore. ^^