When was the Pal Chest distribution changed and why?

Couple of months back, I remembere the Pal Chest appeared every 8hrs, 3 times a day, and that was the regular speed if you were connected with Facebook.

3 Pal Chests a day is still the distribution rate right now, however something has changed. Back then, if I was ‘late’ to pick up a Pal Chest, then after I’ve finally claimed it, the timer shown to pick the next Pal Chest often ended up being something like 2-4hrs shorter (because I was late to pick it up, so it was calcualted in our favor).

Now, however, no matter when you pick up your Pal Chest, the timer is always set to 7hrs 59mins, meaning that it no longer starts counting down the usual 8hrs in the players’ favor, and now strictly requires you to pick it up each exact 8hrs or you DO miss out ont getting those chests more frequently.

Here’s an example to better visualize what I mean:

  • 1st chest comes up at 6:00 am, you pick it up at 6:00 am, the next one has a 8hr cooldown.
  • 1st chest comes up at 6:00 am, if you were late and picked it up at, say, 10am, the cooldown would be automatically adjusted to 4hr instead - this is no longer the case.

I don’t recall when this was changed, though it couldn’t have been more than 3-2 months ago. One thing is clear, this only serves to push that predatory approach of making you addicted to the game, trying to force you to get online each exact 8hrs, or you will miss out on Pal chests compared to before.

If I had to guess, then I’d bet this was changed around the same time (or shortly after) that Ninja Event was changed in order to no longer require opening Event-specific ‘coins’ from the chamber of fortune after each Ninja run.

Which, if true, this is some bullshit. You thought the devs were smart and actually improved the game, removing the RNG (and Gem costs) associated with and required to 100% the Ninja Event, but it seems they’ve made a trade. They gave us more Pal Treats from Ninja Event’s chamber of fortune, but in exchange have taken away the ‘cooldown bonus’ from collecting regular Pal Chests. I guess they weren’t happy with the rate of Pal Treats we were getting right after that change rolled out, so now they reduced it via the daily Pal Chest cooldown nerf.

Disappointing, to say the least.

It was always 8 hours since the time you last collected. :slight_smile:

It never changed. Most of the that thing in this game have that pattern rule. E.g. Alliance daily donation, Insta-troops, pro-ticket, pal chest.

The one that not have that rule is daily chest rewards that always regenerates after 24 hours but there’s some consequence if we don’t take today rewards, our chance to get the 30rd rewards is reduced (we have like 3 chance to miss daily rewards to get full 30 rewards if I’m not wrong).

But im telling you, it was possible to pick up one of the daily Pal Chests, and afterwards the cooldown would not be a full 8hrs , but less instead. This was a constant thing, I would see it every day.

For some weeks now, after you pick up the chest, the cooldown is always 7hrs 59min.

I’m sure of this and can’t possibly be the only one who’s noticed.

Not Sure, but you might be Remembering it wrong. It was never like that. 8 hour refresh has always been done the moment you Pick up your pal chest. 

You either remembered it wrong or you had a lucky bug. But the Way it is for you right Now is the Intended Way.

Never had that incident since flare introduced pals (so do my friend and my fellow alliance members). Maybe you had an advantage bug all those time. However, welcome to the way of what it should be done! ?

It was only during event(not sure about name)4h cool down period

Yeah, we’ve had a few events that reduced the Pal cool down.

It never worked like that. It was always 8 full hours since the last collected chest.

The only exception to this were special events where the cooldown was shortened.