When we are able to add friends in game will you friend me?

We will be able to friend people soon and PM them!


Will you accept my friend request?

Why?//Why Not?

I’m sorry, but ever since I turned 18, authorities frown on me PMing and child on the web )= *Buh dum tshh* /lame joke

Seriously though, it depends. I raid a lot of your players, so I’ll only add you if you promise not to scold me x)

I hear a lot of jokes based on my name and that was the first time I ever chuckled.

Well maybe 2nd or 3rd.


And if you can clear our bottom 10 I would congratulate you before scolding.

I was thinking more like bottom 3, over the course of a few months 0: But now I’m interested in taking on your challenge!~ (:<

Well we got 1st in this last war so the new Elite Boosts do a lot of the work.

Especially for the lower ranked members.