When will a pro-cat's pal be released?


Pro-cat pal can not wait for me who likes the cat’s animal the most.

Is this space open for the next time to enter the cat’s pal?


I really like your idea. Also your photoshop skills are awesome! ❤️

Could also make a new stinky cheese pro pal. Since the color of it would be blue, the name could be “Blue Cheese” :stuck_out_tongue:  

We also need a chicken pro pal :slight_smile:

And a donkey!

A cat is good, Aslan, but you’ll have to keep it away from Howl and Growl or nobody will get any sleep! ???

I’d like to see a snake pal… one that follows alongside you and bites any unit that gets close, poisoning them!


and it’s ability would be toxic cloud? ?


I have a great idea. and im sure no one has ever thought of this before.

how about an obscure black cloud we call the smoke monster. and for no apparent reason, it will have mechanical sounds emanating from it with no visible parts.

than we can change its true identity until the concept is completely destroyed, the writers look like hacks, and the show is torrentially ruined.

this might work!

Chicken pal is NEXT! ??

it’s called having a little lighthearted fun, man.  You complain about people complaining, you complain about people whining, and now you’re complaining about people joking around.  Is there anything that people can say here without your self-righteous criticism coming out?  shall we bow down to you an give you offerings of gold and gems?  seriously dude, it’s just a game lighten up.