When will it be a result of the Gods?


I know FG has had quite a few issues with the war system. The much anticipated new format is yet to be experienced in its alleged full glory…

Still we have heard nothing about the latest challenge, killing the brothers Zeus & Hades. The challenge ended more than a month ago & the only communication we’ve got so far was that the videos have not been watched yet. 

You said yourself that there were over 500 submissions for the challenge. Imagine the amount of hours your already disillusioned fans have put in to test different layouts until they achieve the desired results! 

And still their efforts go unrewarded. Yet another disappointment from FG! Your team clearly has bigger fish to fry, but the trend of OVERpromising & underDELIVERING continues to plague all players, who persevere in playing the game, despite all the hurdles we have been experiencing of late with the war system, the forging “fix”, etc, etc. 

I have been a loyal fan for years now, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find motivation to log in & play, when it seems like FG has done everything possible to suck the fun out of it, as noted above. 

Looking forward to your response! Hopefully it will come, before I decide to uninstall the game altogether. Something that a LOT of seasoned players have already done. 


Most Respectfully,


Hey @zozzaman,

We’re very sorry about the delay with this challenge. The checking of videos is still ongoing, but obviously at a much reduced pace due to the issues we are currently dealing with.


u will do what u want to so no sorries are required

Well, at least we got a response…


One video per day?


It’s ok. I uninstalled the game anyways…


Captain Morgan, when are we going to receive the prizes for the Gods’ challenge? Long time has passed and we do not have wars to disrupt. Is there a probable date to get the result out?

Good question, my friend.
So Cap?

New challenges would be cool too

Eu também quero umas geminhas.

??? eu mando uma barra de QUEIJO pra você Capitão Morgan.???

 I have rum ?


Hi Devs

Well can we know when we’ll receive the gems from Brothers Challenge? 

@CaptainMorgan and @Pete please tell us how is going about it…


Many thanks


Hey, @CaptainMorgan and other developers!

I understand that you have been busy with fixing bugs and improving the game/.But it is been a while. So I wonder where are our gems for posted videos of Brother`s challenge.

You have had enough time to consider and check all our videos.

So at least give us a  feedback, please. so we know you did not forget about it and provide the community with approximate dates when gems will be given.

If you find it difficult to check all videos due to lack of time then give 6000 gems to each which will be like a compensation for giving  time to this challenge!

We respect and understand your efforts so please respect us too.


Looking forward to your favorable response in due to course


I agree with the thread starter. 

You could open up the thread and let everyone post the gems they should receive. Then wait for 5-10 likes and that way the community could help you sort the attempts and you could give the gems we are entitled too.  


This thing has become a joke!! 3 months to close a challenge. Ridiculous


and as usual, not even education and respect to communicate

Hey guys,

There are at least four topics for the same question, therefore I merged all here.

Please be patient. CaptainMorgan is still evaluating your devastating ? vids, featuring “bugged” superforged Gatekeepers.


“Still evaluating”? ???three months???to “evaluating”???..thanks tomaxo, i would always laugh so much in the morning ???

It’s actually a super annoying job. These videos are long. A lot of fights would run the full 3 minutes x 2. And you have to watch carefully to make sure nobody presses any unit/power buttons. I can understand procrastinating. I offered to help ?‍♂️

If only CaptainMorgan could delegate that task… but that won’t happen.

Here’s why:

Plus his priority is tweaking/fixing war and forge…

@Madlen You said you happen to sit next to the devs… If possible, can we please have an approximate date when the Gems will be distributed to the OR Birthday Challengers?

The point I was driving at was about to keep us posted. At least we know that we are not forgotten. And the job for checking videos is being done. @CaptainMorgan