When will it be a result of the Gods?

Yes,it’s surely annoying. But it’s been 3 months. And I m sure there is not @CaptainMorgan only who helps to manage Olympus. It’s possible to share responsibilities and if at least 2-3 people invest 2 h per a day each to judge these videos it would have been finished already In my humble opinion. 

If it’s not the priority for them it’s another matter. So they keep postponing it. May be we will have these gems as Christmas gift lol.Sadly.

Yeah, it’s been a while. I think having @Madlen on board to answer questions and stuff will help. But I still wouldn’t expect them very soon.  

Hi SirMana,

indeed the brother’s challenge is not forgotten! We were totally blown away with the responses. We got over 500 videos. So I promised to help out with it too :slight_smile:

I will let you know when we are done checking the videos. :slight_smile:

Thank you y’all for participating :slight_smile:

How many are left to check?

congratulations on choosing the type of challenge! next time I recommend “head or cross” or "odd or even”

I suppose 495, more or less ?

We wait 3months for we will take 6k gems, is very big mistake from fg for no guve that…

FG @CaptainMorgan or @Madlen

Personally I think FG should give all players under lvl 105 (more or less) free 1k gems, for only ever giving these events with no possibility for low lvl guys to win anything.

Its blindingly obvious that you need 2 high lvl nyx towers + high lvl helios to win any gems for this event - due to AI not being able to deal with nyx (oh yeah please read my other topic about revisiting nyx, gets crappy always dealing with 2 nyx 90% of the time).  And with the pre-mentioned towers your probably going to get 6k gems or around 30 dollars of gems for 10 mins or less ‘work’.

These events are a big mistake, just keep helping the top league/high lvl players again.  No wonder you started giving less ‘bonus gems’ in your gem deals. Stop ring fencing the top league players and do something for the other 95% for a change. IMHO.  

You didn’t need a Helios at all. Half the units in the game can’t damage nyx towers. You’ll see the videos when they’re released, but even going back to the hades challenge most players didn’t extend their nyx because they didn’t select any units that could damage them. 

Lower level Zeus andhades are also much easier to kill than high level. 

And saying it took 10 minutes is crazy. To get anywhere close to 3 kills and 0% with both characters was very difficult and took days and days to come up with, and even then required doing it over and over and over again at slow speed to get both correct. You either don’t remember it cause it was so long ago (forgivable) or you don’t realize how hard it actually was 

I would actually agree, the event wasnt easy for good accounts either. It was certainly easier than noobs had it, but under no rate as easy as just the hades one.

And the Hades one wasnt necessarily a field day either.

I think it was pretty easy to make a path that stopped both heroes from breaking the gate, but that would get you almost no gems. Zeus was particularly tough to kill because he has high lightning resistance.

i am still pretty interested to see the ones that got 3 kills and 0% each. I know I couldn’t do it. 

I think There are 2 reasons it got so many entries, and neither of them had to do with the challenge being easy. 1, it came right on the heels of the kill hades challenge, so players were keyed in to the idea of challenges and the birthday celebration in general had a little juice and got people on the forums. 2, the scoring criteria were very broad so people could enter with *something* and still win some gems, even if it’s a small amount. It’s also possible that people don’t get the rules completely. 

The people who got 3 kill 0% didn’t follow instructions… just saying. It said if the god dies you must retreat from battle, so they wouldn’t get anything? Nonetheless well done on their part.

Yes, you’re right.  It was quite a while ago! ?

good morning , I managed to kill Hades at 0% and stop Zeus at 10%. 

I would had to change also masteries to do better, but would have been too extreme. 

still managed to score for over 4k gems. 

god day all

ciao Artemus 

Hi @CaptainMorgan @Madlen

Any chance of an update on this please? I appreciate it was a large amount of videos to sift though, but the wars are settled now and it was some 3 months ago!


I wonder if in these weeks so quiet and without bugs we went ahead in checking the videos of the challenge …




Hi ?️,

 it is still taking some time. But it is not forgotten and as I said already, I will let you know, when we are done with it. :slight_smile:

@Madlen you must understand that for many of us we are talking about 6000 gems, not 60! and we have been waiting for them for more than 3 months, conditioning our game. It is absurd for a challenge to be held in May and the reward is not yet available. Simply absurd!

Did you get 0%/0%? Congrats! I couldnt do that.