When will Royal Revolt 3 be Released?

I pose this qrestion because ith all the current patches and upgrades of the game going to deffense,the uneven matchups in alliance war and how had it has become to climb the ladder in regula tournaments the RR2 game has become dead and the life had been sucked right out of it. I’m hoping if RR3 comes out they would be wise enough not to run the playera away with shark tactics and money grubbing for a third time

hopefully not for a very long time! cause Royal Revolt 2 is already super awesome and amazing! :wink:


I don’t think they need a sequel when they keep adding such incredible updates :stuck_out_tongue:


keep up the great work flaregames! :slight_smile:

Cuando estará la nueva versión

so RR3 will mean I have to spend again to start from zero ? No thanks I guess


Good game, no need rr3…

After hours of play, and real money we spent for the Alliance, if there gone be rr3 i will leave tge game sure!

There are always new features in RR2 and you want RR3 what would it be what’s the sense? They have to lose half year to do a new game that is not the case to do…but since they are building new office in flaregames maybe something new related can be made =P

I would take RR3 if we can keep our king and alliance progress tho

The only reasons there was a RR2 and not just Royal revolt was becuase that game didn’t have any multiplayer features. This game RR2 was designed around the multiplayer features. RR is a solo game, RR2 is a multiplayer game that you can play solo. 


There is no need for a RR3 as they are just going to keep adding features to RR2 now.

I am already highly invested in this game and so are my alliance members. Expansions (like the alliance and WAR SEASON [co-op play?]); maybe, but NO Royal Revolt 3, please!

RR2 is a HALF-multiplayer, since now you haven’t meet a single opponent player in your path to fight against, and it should be very cool fight 1vs1 or 5vs5 like an arena where players cast their own spells and maybe some troops occasionally! How much could be great? But it’s still a solo player even if there is this “virtual world” where you do only raids meeting only his opponenets powers( troops and towers) and not its real power (real tactic player versus player).

That’ll be a different game then , not RR2 anymore imo

Yeah, I like RR2 design. It gets rid or the MMORPG (PVP) crud. I like the fight design here.

In my opinion there should be RR3.

There a many players who start playing the game everyday and the other playersbare playing for 2-3 years.

So it’d be good if we had RR3


Careful with necro-posting this thread it almost two years old lol :slight_smile:


If they do that gonna kill RR2 but there is a way to satisfy everyone

RR2 can be a multiplayer game and RR3 a brand new solo game like RR1 but with better graphic, more mode,new units,etc…

it’s not really a question of Flare cannot do it. It’s more like they are too much lazy to be enough creative to create RR3 and conserve at the same time the potential of RR2

some company do that and that work really good. Like Blizzard with Diablo 2 and 3. Diablo 2 people still continue to play this for the multiplayer and coop and Diablo 3 for the solo

I don’t see why Flare cannot do a RR3

The only thing that can stop Flare to do a RR3 is the lack of knowledge in video game. They cannot keep their game alive

  • RR1 is forgotten

  • Dawn of Steel is died and buried

  • RR2 still alive but by a little yarn just a little cisor cut in it’s over

about the other game i don’t know the status but if they neglect them too. Flare gonna not survive enough longer



No need for RR 3 Flare has  already got Olympus Rising.


That is great… though the one obstacle it has is bandwidth needed… far too many games like this are purely for the gamer who has good bandwidth and any latency even geographically induced puts you at a disadvantage.

Well i’m not posting any threat.

We low level players are still in a disadvantage, U can’t deny that


Well i think even If there is no RR3, they should reset the medals, but we should be able to keep our progress, I agree with u on that.

I said thread not threat a thread it the name of a series of forum posts under one name so this is currently a thread started in may 2015. Therefore you posting almost two years later is necro-posting(reviving an old thread rather than starting another). :slight_smile: