When will the ban gets over??

It’s been over two months since you have ban one of my  alliance member to participate in pro league,He has send many mails and request but the teams are not responding,there are tons of people who have multiple accounts(which they use for donations and pro tickets)have you banned all of them.IF YOU want to ban them at least first give them warning if they don’t stop than take the extreme step,here you have  just banned him and not responding also.PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Did one of your alliance member use his second account to donate pro ticket only or play pro league also?

Donation purpose only,he didn’t play with it also in pro league.

For REAL? ?

So what account he got banned? his main or his others?

His main account from pro league.

Flare should really do something about it. Why they give those donation function then?? such a messed up. I’ll agree about banning if he play with it in PL also, but if not then there’s should be no problem with it.

This donation function should be eliminated. I don’t see any reason to give tickets away for free. We already had a ticket hopper in our team. Immediately after joining asking for a pro ticket. when new pro league started this week,  immediately asking again. After getting a ticket he left. 

I suggest that tickets can only be transferred between members that at least are part of the same team, since start of previous monthly pro league. This prevents ticket hoppers to gain tickets from victoms , who just give those tickets away, since they don’t want to lose members. It’s as simple as this, if you want to play pro league, either save free tickets or be willing to pay for those tickets by yourself.  


Hopefully NEVER.

He can still donate gold etc to alliance. To be honest banned players shouldn’ even get free pro tickets or be banned from donating their tickets as well.

Wouldn’t make sense to remove the ban… means he used several accounts and only one of them probably got the PL ban. 

So yep let them be banned forever  ???

@rizwan07 For account status issues, you should always submit a request to our support team. They will be able to assist you with this: https://fgurl.net/help_me 

Your support team sucks. Most of the time they don’t reply,  and when they do they make sure to reply me in most ■■■■■■ way possible. 

Well if you got banned for cheating then a ■■■■■■ answer would be fitting :slight_smile:

I am not banned yet :wink: