When will the ios update jona?



You’re right men, I can only report the answer of Jona “Technical difficulties beyond our control prevented us from releasing the Apple version” in which I guess to understand that the problem is not Flare (“beyond our control”), but iOS updating platform…but Idk… :grinning:  

Flare say release upd on all platform at the same date?

What is that??? Ios 2day retarted

I think we deserve a little compensation for all the stress and anticipation :grinning:

most probably monday  :slightly_frowning_face:

Lol compensation from all the trophies lost because we can’t attack anyone with the update.

First of all, wrong forum, this is a general question rather than something that relates to alliance recruiting. Moved to “General Discussion & Questions”.


Then, Flare tried to release the different versions as simultaneous as possible. Though, the technical procedures to get it to the ios app story obviously took longer than expected / than usual, hence the delay. But that is probably nothing Flare can be accused for.

Also, please note, that Flare - in order to avoid delays for certain platforms and with the intent to give access to the new update for all platforms at the same time - did submit to the windows (desktop) store a bit earlier than to all other platforms, as the windows rollout usually takes longer than the other platforms. Though, as the technical procedures were this time faster than usual, the windows desktop version came out 2 days earlier than all other versions. So obviously, the exact release can’t always be planned ahead…


So demanding compensation for your personal “stress” due to getting the update some days later sounds a bit harsh to me… also, I personally had no free workers until a few hours ago, so I actually couldn’t participate in the whole alliance stuff until today evening despite having the update… and guess what? I still am fine.