When will the new ascension levels be released?

@Madlen and FG,

could we please get an indication as to when the new ascension levels will be released. It is not purely curiosity, but many things depend on this, such as it worth spending vast amounts of resources refining and forging gear.  War preparation etc.  Levels are well overdue as we know, but do we have an ETA?  Thanks.

I wish you luck.

Hi Philstar, it would be cool, if you could use the “community manager input” needed tag, instead of tagging me :slight_smile:

But coming to your question, I do not have information for this yet but once I do, I will make sure to announce it asap!

Ah I just got an answer :slight_smile:

They are in the testing phase at the moment. Depending on other internal schedules we would expect the release between 2 weeks and 1 month from now on. (subject to change as said, depending busyness) .