when will the next event starts?

Anybody knows when will the next event starts? Right after the granny or on Monday?

Why so hurry?? Have patience. U have now in game announcement banner. So no need of this post :grinning:

Would be important to know what event is up, cause we’ve been saving for forges for almost 2 weeks now

yeah blacksmith is out of job… and ubers chests soon will exipire. So just a simple heads up would be nice 

My guess in that it will start on Monday, though tomorrow maybe we should have official annoucement in game. At least I hope there will be :slight_smile:

so far we can see the banner tells you how long the current event runs for.

we have no idea if it will announce upcoming events / how much notice it provides.
we have asked the question, but no response from flare.

assuming there is an event next week, it looks like there is no announcement well in advance which would have been nice.
at least we can still hope there is some sort of announcement before events start…

The banners announce war seasons, ninja events and festivals 24h before they start. I wouldn’t expect any different period here.

I am sad to see this Granny Event come to end.  I bought so many wonderful items during this time.  We can never get enough Granny Events.