when will u quit this game?

I thought i would quit this game after upgrading all spells and units. At that moment my trophy level was at 2300-2500. Then but then my ranking could not go further. I began to upgrade all defense and morale, it is painful as they cost millions, the towers are now getting to max level, which is good, but # of morale just moving too slow.

I am now at 3700, lvl 74, I even got 5000 pearls quest completed. Planning to move on after all towers and dungeon levels are done. Maybe wait for Royal Revolt 3

It is sucking way too much time of my life. What is your plan?

You sure play a lot , I still only play 2-3 session a day and its not sucking my time.I’ll play until they shut the game down and if theres RR3 I’m happy to spend some money again , just hope RR2 will last about 2years maybe more.


I was also having the same thought of quitting the game, since the further you go up in the ranks, the more time you need to spend daily to keep pace and do some progress.

In the beginning when I started playing the game, just 30 minutes a day or less were enough to do a couple of decent upgrades and see your self progressing. Now, it takes a considerable amount of time,- a few hours-  just to gather enough money to upgrade one tower and I feel that it’s not worth the pain anymore.

Was planning to delete the game but I feel sorry for all the hours I already put in it.

I’m still hoping that Flare  will find a way to balance the game, so the high level players will get proportionally much higher rewards, so they wont have to grind for hours and hours daily just to achieve a single tower upgrade.

I’ll simply keep playing as long as it is fun for me and I enjoy it.

Doesn’t feel lika a waste of time to me yet - although it eats a lot of my time. Should that change in the future, I’ll think about quitting or reducing the time playing.

But I see no need to have any more specific plans here. :wink:

I can’t actually believe how addicted I’ve become to this game. I spend more time on this than I do on triple A titles. Part of me wants them to make changes so I can play for months/years. The other half just wants to complete the dungeon and upgrade as much as possible until huge waiting times and lack of bread force me to play less and less. 

hmm I think the moment I 'm done with all the upgrades. Defeating bases has lost its glamour to be my only source of fun ^^

But I never thought a mobile game could keep me playing for months like RR2. You cannot ask for more :wink:

Will quit when i will be lvl 120, so i gess 1 year from now:)

here is my plan to quit this game.


  • Upgrade all towers to max level.

  • blow all my gems and pearls to get to the top

  • then open base for one month



i’ll quit at about level 100. I need to focus on other games too you know!

I even take the daily gold/ gems from Royal Revolt - thats why I am think, that I’ll only quit RR2 when something happen in real live which stop me from play all games. In RR2 we can upgrade spells, units and buildings. Additional we can check for new combinations for attack and defense.



But I can’t find any other game more enjoyable.

And Flare team always have interesting update for this game.

I’ll probably keep playing until November the something when cod advanced warfare comes out. Just found out zombies is back this year. it’s an unofficial source though.

I will start Evil Within this week…will turn off RR2 for awhile

… shortly if the trophy stripping isn’t fixed!


More than half of the players haven’t gone thru the long upgrade and expensive stuff. And they want to quit lol

Yup, it not worth playing if all your progress gets wiped out daily. BUT, flare have done something to the stripping issue so maybe things are looking up.   

Yeah yay for u lol

I just Quit This Shit!!!

Developers fucked it up so much & it  sucks the time of our lives , not worth my time or nervous!! My advice U better do the same.

I can see that too. This new update is a headache.

29th August 2016 after wasting time/gems on Ninja League.