When will version 5 be released?

I’m doing a survey to know the preferred date of version 5 among players.

It’s easy to guess. It won’t happen during Pro League, and it won’t happen during Conquest. That leaves only Tuesday or Wednesday.


Tuesday is ideal, so they have at least 1 more day to do a hotfix in case something goes terribly wrong before Conquest starts. If they need 1 more day to prepare, then Wednesday is the latest in which they can release version 5.

I bet it’s today near 12h, it’s often on Mondays…

well lets see

PaSte is online. Many developers are also online. I think you are right. It will come as the proleague ends, I think. On monday… tomorrow…

Version 5 is released.

LacunaC, you forgot to vote.

I’m sorry, Alumbri.

We were originally aiming for Monday :grinning:


so 50/50 LacunaC?