When will windows player gwt half price gem deals?

Regarding title, i forget there is no autospell

Anyway, I cant help but notice every two days on my iphone account there is a two day half price gem deal. But with tapjoy and whatever else it is that gives players free gems why not balance it out by giving windows phone the half price deals? I cant remember seeing one since I started the app months ago. Just curious…

Hey Fresh,


I am not sure why, but I had a similar issue on my laptop with windows 8.1, though, after starting the app on my phone with Android, I received a discount, then a few minutes later when I logged in my computer, it suddenly appeared it too… (just had this on Friday around 5pm)

I will check on Monday about it :slight_smile:

Discounts like half price for gems you usually get when your gem amount drops below 1000 gems. You don’t get them all the time, but if you get one of them and plan to buy gems, then it’s th time to do so.


If there is a dicount action, just click on the big chest on the left side in the lower corner, then click on jewels and if there are actions, there it is displayed. Sometimes you get a notification of a discount. But the best ones are for half price. I have read stories that some players even got better discounts.

I’m always checking daily but I just don’t get the deals. Want to get the 2,500 for £7.99 one. I currently have around 723 gems but need 1,000 for another worker than I need desperately!



The gems discount are really random, I didn’t have any during weeks until last Friday… Even by playing, I received a few package offers sometimes, but no gems sales.

I am not sure it’s OS related as I had the same on Android.

Coincidently the deal came nit long after I sent my last post on this thread. I got my gems and you got a chest