When will you fix the Blacksmith bug?

Current meltdown time per pearl: 58s

Meltdown time for 236 pearls = 236 x 58s = 13,688s = 3h 48m

The boost is not having any effect on the meltdown time. Many players have been facing this issue for a long time now. It is related with putting items for meltdown before or after the boost is activated.


That’s because your boost is about to end. You have 40 min left at 3x, then your item will be melting at normal speed.

Lets take your item (236 pearls) as an example. Your Blacksmith is at level 11 and have 6 slot. That means that during the event,  you can melt 20.6 pearls an hour or 61.7 with the boost on.

Lets say you started the item with an hour left to your boost. That mean when the boost end you will have melted 61.7 pearls. That means it will be left with 174.3 pearls to be melted.

At you normal event pace, it will take an additionnal 8 hours and 27 min (174.3 / 20.6)  for a grand total of 9 hours and 27 min. The numbers you have on your screenshot is accurate. When you will start your boost again, it will show a smaller number.

Same isssue I faces


Yup, that’s because the boost is going to end so it shows you the whole time it is needed for the item to melt (with boost around+after the boost is ended), once you boost your bs again it will show the shorter time.

Okay, I get it. But then it should also work the same with Blacksmith Event and should show the correct time with the event ending.

I prefer that it shows the time as if the boost is continued forever. Once the boost expires, time is doubled. But that’s my way of thinking. I don’t know if others are confused too.