When will you fix the trophy algorithm?

I’ve been attack over and over by this guy who keeps losing to my base almost every time. I’ll show a screenshot below of the most recent attacks! He got 63% and 73% on two attacks and I lost 18 combined trophies. Why should I lose trophies for beating someone in my defense? Seriously flare, it’s time to fix the trophy algorithm! (Btw, the guy is at 2600 trophies, which is only 400 behind me)

the trophy should be like in OR. At 45% sorry but its -9 to -12. Same for 73% should be -9 to -12 if he fail to destroy the gate. What I see on this screenshot should have give you +27 or close and not remove you -18

NO! Absolutely not! I defeated him, why in the hell should I lose trophies for that? That sucks!

you talked about Offense. Sorry I was sure you talked about defense. Anyway both are horrible

No, I was referring to defense. My base defeated his offense. I should be rewarded for that!

Offense trophy is horrible in all way. When I lose at 30% or whatever I lose -60. Its a joke. Maybe max -12 or -15 but -60 its extreme. when you do different result the trophy is horrible in all way

Like we said in OR and people still answer today. People are punish to be active and the lazy one are rewarded. in RR2 we are punish for the one who attack us non stop and in exchange we cannot take back the trophy lose

Long time we ask for change this worst trophy system since 3.9.0. The old one was better honestly

with the old one long time I should have been at 3000+ with my stuffs close maxed. Stuck at 1600 over months and months. I enjoy less the game because of the lack of system who result of lack of gold

These next ones are even worse. I won the last one, but why do I keep losing trophies when someone is being defeated by my base? Seriously? @Madlen can you address whether this is a bug or just the way the system works

oh my god. Flare please fix this.

I also never understood why a player that lost the raid in a bad way, could actually get trophies. I have seen worse, scoring 15%- against my base and even then I lost trophies.