Where are my 12 minutes?

I finished my pro league and didn’t come back to it before the end of the league.  Why would I since I was done?

  Now i find others got 12 minutes extra to leap frog me and I get fewer rewards?

So often your “fixes” just penalize those of us who played properly.




P.s. PLEASE update the gear in the pro shop.  I understand keeping the all, but the gear doesn’t need to be there this long. 

In fact it’s difficult to notice in time:

-part one;

-part two.

It was a horrible decision to add additional time.  I played my entire pro league yesterday night and went to bed (with 7 hours until the league ended ) knowing that I was done. 

But to grant an additional 12 minutes with an hour or so to go until the end of the Pro League?  ■■■■■■.

Those extra 12 minutes allowed many players to earn additional points and adversely affected rankings. 

Especially when you talk about the difference between rank 100 and rank 125, it can be a matter of 10 points.

■■■■■■ is as ■■■■■■ does and that was a ■■■■■■ thing to do.  12 minutes is more than 1/3 of the total time given in a Pro League.


It’s y’all own fault for not having notifications on in your social media or game forum or whatever and wasting your life away on irrelevant stuff like work, school or sleep (if you’re in that timezone, which btw is also your fault) instead of living the greatestest of gamestest 24/7. Shame on all you ingrates!


Btw that’s sarcasm, in case it isn’t clear enough.

Not shocked at no response from Flare. 

I am sure everyone in the known universe finished work, checked their msgs and got to do the extra 12 minutes.

Note: thats the people who are deemed worthy… or just lucky to be in the german time zone.


The lights are on… but no one is answering the door…

But this was poorly thought out… i cannot say more as i am having difficultly finding a rational starting point for such a balls up

The sad thing is i have talked to many of the flare team and they are nice people when you get to talk to them and silly yet insanely iritating things become more sane with a little clarification. And it doesnt need to be anything more than an acknowledgement to achieve a bit of this.

I can something I do not know? What are the additional 12 minutes???

Then and where are my 12 minutes !!! I did not have them either! Add me to them ???IGN: Pavelp

And yes, I realized that this was in the previous pro league! But then I did not know about the added 12 minutes !!! And did not play them! So add them to me in this pro league, I think it will be honest !!! Because of this, my position in the overall standings for the month became worse!??

It’s not only you Pavel who is lower in results. May of us would have scored way better with those additional 12 minutes, including me.  I did not for nothing introduce the ostrich Ostrich animated emoticon 

They may listen, then add those 12 minutes to you during the last hour of the current season and claimed that you have been compensated =p