Where are the rewards??

Conquest ended but no rewards or boosts??


I just saw the posting from Madlen on announcments…we have to wait for the rewards…again?

Hi Pommetje,

Yes, this is very unfortunate :slightly_frowning_face:

Were you connected at that moment? Then disconnect, wait a moment and then connect. One of our members also got no rewards and this worked.

Having said that, here my pro chests from layer 200(Watch and shiver) 

  • Pearls -> 537
  • Pal food -> 40 and 49
  • Crystals -> 5 , 20 , 2507, 4 , 1959
  • Pro items -> 2

The bold rewards in a different color are abnormal low, that should be adapted. Pro chests for conquest should hold pro rewards and not like now, even enchanted rewards. 


We tried…didnt work…will try again

And still doesnt work

Thats pretty nice. Two conquests - rewards missing both times. Consistency is a valuable also. 

First try of a member of my team also no success. Second try it worked.

Again same happening.


Grande Imperial

nobody got rewards

Pfffff…disapointing…and really…enchanted stuff again?  Shame on you Flare!! There should be PRO items in a PRO chest!


Alliance:  Husaria- Polska

None of our member received chests.

No boosts were activated.

Yep, once again enchanting stuff. 

I would like to know what I can do with 89 (40+49) pal food. Wow, I am in progress of leveling up a pal to level 10 (89 out of 250.000, I am 0.0356% closer to my goal) by getting 2 rewards. 

Same question for the pretty low 29 crystals (4+5+20). I got 0.145% out of 20k for donation of phoebe pal to team by 3 rewards. 

I don’t complain over rewards overall, but for these kind of rewards, players don’t spend a lot of time on a conquest. Those kind of rewards should not be inside a pro chest.

For me most important was pal donation, so that’s good. The alliance reward was welcome, although we spend much more by building towers and wisdom and keeping up boosts, but for that we also had pleasure. I like the alliance reward, but it could have been somewhat higher.


History repeats itself …

Alliance Ita Breaking Castle. Nessuno è stato accusato di botti gratificanti. Solo Turbo

Got the rewards…pro chest gave 90 palfeed and 5003 cristals


My nick name: Võ_123

Alliance: LM_VietNam


Boosts were activated.

But no chests reward.

Please help me to check?


ok got rewards…

Pro chests were amazing - around 30 crystals, 80 pals food and one pro item. 

4k pearls from BS chests. 

200 gems from gems chests. 

10 pals. 

Second time? This is the second time it’s happened for Conquest, but it’s the Xth (where X= a large number) time it’s happened after a contest of some sort, whether conquest, war, ninja or pro. It’s not bad luck, and is bordering on a feature.

Only good thing about conquest rewards (besides the boosts you win), are the pal chests. In our tier you get 10 pals per member, which means over 600 as an alliance, which isn’t bad at all, but the rest is pretty much useless

110 gems
1900 pearls
5 pals
3k pro-crystals

Thanks, Flare, I’m really happy about these rewards, they’re so good and are so much worth the 8-day insanity, thaaank you

450 gems

4000-5000 pearls

10 pals

6k Pro-crystals

Great rewards!