Where are the uniques, cursed and decent items?

The recent updates have been largely well recieved, especially after some tweeking. So thank you for keeping the game interesting.

Forging especially is very welcome, but an unfortunate effect of this feature is that decent items are almost non existent now, opening the titan chests after a war or oddessy used to reward you with at least one or two decent, worthwhile items.

Not now, the few titan items are usually complete rubbish. That coupled with the cursed and uniques seemingly being even rarer, makes the chests mostly rather disappointing. 

Cursed chests, what’s the point of them if they are identical to a normal chest? To add insult to injury, it’s often an item you’ve got a few of already. 

While I’m here, please, give us a way to level up hero’s that’s better than what we have, it’s almost impossible at my level (126) to level up weaker hero’s as my opponents are all so strong. It’s simply not worth the risk for the measly XP points you get.

Cheers. Stuart

Islands closer to olympus will typically have easier enemies. Also, the odyssey is a great way to level up heroes, as you can choose the difficulty level. 

i.e. of cursed chest you will not get into normal ones… (got it a few days ago). Sometimes it just give you higher stats than normal

I think cursed chest quality decreased for last weeks. 

You don’t have understand well the new mechanics of the game. that why since 3.7.0 with forge you need to forget godlike and Titan they are just good for forge and focus to forge your last green items and forge them to Titan and use your useless titan to forge your new Titan. Same for godlike. Forge green to godlike and use useless godlike to forge new godlike. Each time I up my Ascension level, I forge the last green items I got from chest and forge them.

Honestly I prefer this new system. That allow to have better items all the time. Just get your chests and open chest and bingo. You have always better items

for Cursed I don’t care much the task take too long for nothing and are too much complicated for nothing so I sell them. Problem solve

for Hero XP. That why I have suggest to create the Odyssey few month ago. Allow to give XP without lose any trophy. Just lose on island and repeat free XP. You can also defeat opponent close to your Mount of Olympus. Remember old islands = weak opponent. Recent islands = Strong opponent