Where have all the Pearls gone!?

Since Hans is in the Game, the CoF nearly NEVER gives any Pearls any more … many of my Ally-Members have recognized that too. Did you change something??? Hans` Ability is useless - twice 0 is also 0 …

I noticed that my luck gear recently has dramatically lower success rate, even while I found some better luck gear. First plus second reward in COF more often fails than it should plus indeed, third chest contains less pearl rewards as it used to have.

Could it be that Tokens lower the odds of reward inside third chest, just like gems and result 100% in a failure when no gems have been spend? In that case, when no gems have been spend, third chest should never contain gems or tokens, that would make it more fair. 

I’ve had a few times pearls as 3rd reward, but the benefit from Hans is indeed very limited if there isn’t an increased chance in finding pearls.

Compared to Kaiser, you’ll always have the benefit of its passive ability of extra gold, while raiding with Hans (even in full luck gear), you never know when you can enjoy the extra pearls.

Hi Orko ?,

I just checked with the developers. You can always see the probability for each respective item in the CoF.

There was only a small change for one type of chest. Since the 3rd chest (when bought with gems) now also has a 5% chance of Festival Tokens [new], the chances to get Pearls in said 3rd bought chest were decreased by 5% for the Pearls.


I see completely different probability
i show some pics … maybe the information - ( i ) was not changed?

the last pic means second chest opend and last chest failed.  (then you can buy it with diamonds)

I’m a old RR2 noob … i found it ?

i scroll down in informations after the last chest -> open failed …. and ?the chance (with gems) for Token

Decreased by 5% is lot a less than it seems. I have only found ONE chest with pearls since I got Hans. That chest contained 7 pearls (including Hans’s ability lol). I hate the chance for Festival Tokens in the CoF, it’s a complete waste. In my entire career I’ve only found gems once and now we are given a chance to find Tokens, but for the same chance as gems. It’s literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to get either tokens or gems and they are taking away our pearls because of this

This doesn’t explain why, if we didn’t spend any gems, that we still notice that we would have won gems or a token in one of the unopened chests. To get them, we effectively need to spend gems, so when the odds are zero to get those without gems, why are they even displayed?

Are gems and tokens already chosen as reward for chest three before first chest is picked? If so, do they also negatively influence the odds on first two rewards, when no gems are spend?

I want to exclude that as a reason. Since in that situation of using no gems effectively only 2 out of 6 chests actually contain a reward and could lead to higher failure rate. When in normal situation with 3 rewards the odds are 50% increased, it leads to 75% succes rate. However, with just 2 out of 6 rewards the odds on first chest would decrease to 50%.

Can someone explain how gems plus tokens affect results on cof for all three rewards?

During a fair scenario, when no gems are paid, the third chest should never contain gems or a token. I have the feeling that now the third reward actually contains them, leading to a much higher failure rate and when someone is lucky to find first two rewards, that the odds are reduced to zero when third chest contains gems or a token. Like I said, they should not be in there at all without spending gems.

If gems or tokens increase the failure rate, give us an option to exclude them as rewards in chest 3. I immediately would exclude them if so.

when you not use gems then i’m sure you will get token like gems before  … 0,2% … many try to get one…

when you spend gems on the last chest after first try fails then 4,2 % Token & 4,2 gems

at last you see in information screen + scroll down what you can get … Token maybe in the last Chest with gems …

the luck on your Equipment is important to open all chest … there was a thead some time ago… 

i open with my luck setup (74,8% with Hans) many times the last chest but sometimes it fail too.


maybe @Madlen  can say some words :rolleyes:

Is it possible to find Token without spending gems in the last chest? … like gems ?