Where in updates or War info does Flare mention............

Dear RR2 players:


In our plot to pull as much loot as we possibly can before we destroy whats left of this game: We will without a doubt slow your troops down by at least 20-30% prior to every war starting.  We truly hope you did not actually think we would enjoy no scrolling during wars since we depend on it to be our biggest money drain event of every week. That is the reason we are forced to slow your offense down to a crawl without telling you as soon as wars start!  



Did I miss that announcement? update?   I’ve been paying attention close to this nonsense for a good month now, but this time it was so blatantly obvious.  When your beating bases with 25-30 secs left and then war starts and you need a time warp to win, I mean common!!!   Do they really think we are this stupid?? 

also bombers are bombing fast i noticed that only in wars raids even if that person use 3 bombers . In normal raids that won’t happen even if he is using 6 bombers 

also i can scroll free top bases but i can’t scroll free Russians 5.5 k trophy bases that is weird Frosters die fast bombers are bombing faster then normal raids so weird 

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