Where is CaptainMorgan?

Since a long moment we don’t have seem him. Maybe 2 week? Can be possible the strange news topic in RR2 section have affect employee of Flaregames?

where is everyone? @oisia @flaretara @Nikko someone? what happen?

someone have see them recently?



toxic Warrionator in da house?

Why you are here? you don’t play Olympus Rising so return in RR2 section troll. This don’t concern you

its bad I see him this morning connected but he don’t have anymore time to answer or be active. Very sad news :slightly_frowning_face:  hope its not permanent and just temporary  

Lets stay positive and consider him being amidst some grand testing of 3.9

Yeah we will see later

Probably he’s busy levelling up his Artemis and tweaking her Unique Items and preparing something special for Christmas.

Still no sign of him. He come but don’t speak anymore :slightly_frowning_face: I am really curious to know what the hell the announce in November have do. that was write in Germany so no clue but some have talk about Bankrupt. So I don’t know if its the main cause. Like each time we do speculation and at the final we will have…no answer of what happen really. Sad

Hey @Warriornator,

Thanks for the concern. We are all safe, well and employed. It’s unfortunate that you players were left out in the cold over the holidays, and it shouldn’t have been the case. However, now I am looking through everything I’ve missed so far. Belated Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

Yeah someone have told me Flare was on vacation during Holiday so I was surprise developer and all can take vacation. So I’m glad you are back and be active again :slight_smile: Welcome Back and good year 2018