Where is FTB?

Cant seem to remember FTB sending vids…they were usefull (at least for me). Where is FTB these days?

Doesn’t look like he’s a dev any more. I saw him on the forums about an hour ago, but without his green name plate and it showed him as being part of the “members”

i take a guess but not sure if its really the case.Probably too much complain about him over month and month about what he doing. The topic about he don’t show up the same thing like players in Pro league not same layout. The same for Ninja Event and more. People call it a bad player, cheater or just because he got gems from Flare he was not relevant,etc…So I guess he quit. very sad for people who like his video. Complainer and hater in this world always ruin someone life. Its the same everywhere you go. Haters don’t have any clue how they can ruin someone life no they just prefer hate and nothing more and don’t care what happen to the person himself.


Before update 4.0 so much mess about buff the defence and after update same player ask for defense nerf. Same When he uploaded videos of pro league many player said he is cheater and his videos not usefull etc… Now someone saying where is FTB??? When I saw the post where someone was saying him a cheater that was the biggest shock I had. And now I’m missing him really. I hope someday he returns.

I am also curious here? Was FTB also axed from the team? As his title on the forum also reads as Member?

Really sad if it is, as he just joined well not really a good feeling if it’s true, hope it all works out for him…

You are right. @FTB seems no longer with keenflare team anymore. Such a sad ending.

That is very sad. :slightly_frowning_face: Because everyone knows.


45 employees lose their job

FTB was part of KeenFlare on the developer side. He was not part of flaregames. I doubt that’s how he lost his job

Maybe @Madlen or @FTB can write some words … we all like and love the Videos that FTB provides … 

Hello Flothaboss! Where are you? This is your fan speaking. I still watch and love your videos, please post videos of pro again. 

It is very sad, Even If he is not a dev now ,he can activate his old account and do pl and other amazing videos…?

Don’t expect any answer here. In the past also some answers were prohibited to share with us.

Hi there,

FTB is not working for us anymore and we wish him all the best for his future. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thank for answering Madlen. At least we know the reason, it’s appreciated.

its ok

huckys here


My units, my spells, my waves, my obstacles and my towers aren’t maximized yet. I will miss his suggetions.

so very very happy that FTB is finally out of this sinking ship, such a nice closure for RR2, especially with FG is very close to bankruptcy now…

Flare is far from bankrupt @caki

Poor FTB. 

Be flaregame employee was his dream