Where is Madlen today?

yesterday i watched gaming live on Youtube and one person have said they have no school today because of a holiday. So there is a special holiday today?

Hey @Warriornator, Madlen isn’t feeling well, so, my guess is that she took off a little earlier today. Get well soon Madlen!

i was sure that was a holiday because no one from the staffs of Flare have come today. So that was strange for a Monday

Thanks, I am still fighting my cold and getting only 3 hours of sleep atm because of that. No pity, please :wink:

I am here today to communicate the updates though.

All of our devs were in yesterday Warriornator, no holiday. :grinning:

Lol dang it Madlen, you’ve infected me…now I have a cold. Oh well…I’ll just tell myself to “get well soon”  :lol:

maybe of my time zone. When I have come yesterday morning at 8 AM nobody from Flare was here like normally that was strange and don’t have come the rest of the day. So that why my weird topic about holiday

With Horkos Curse in one and Horkos Virus in the other Hand Madlen could have sent something Infected across the Sea to Warriornator …

all the best for you both ???