Where is my 70%?

I have same 36%


Your 70% is probably hanging out somewhere with the weekly event…

And again, will this change affect the current proleague?

Note to self: always wait till the end of proleague to raid


Hello all,

Sorry for the confusion caused by this, the server maintenance actually didn’t take place as scheduled. We will perform one at a later date to implement those changes.

  • Nikko


Any word on the weekly event?

Very persistent  :slight_smile:

All @Nikko or the others would have to do is tell us whether there was an event and when to expect an answer, but instead they announce changes to happen in the future and server maintenances that didn’t happen at all. 

It is their silence on the issue that is overly persistent, not my interest in the answer. :slight_smile:

Guess this week’s event is out on holidays together with last week’s event… was really hoping for BS event or at least uber granny or anything… 50% cheaper slots would come very handy before festival ends, or I am not sure I have space to actually get the festival gear I’d like to buy… spending thousands of gems on new item slots for that is kinda ■■■■■■.

Havent you noticed yet that we cannot expect any useful information from Flare ? 

Im sure will be Black friday event!!! In friday)

There will be after the usual event time, saying there was an event this week but it actually didn’t happen at the scheduled time and will take place later (i.e. next week).

Bladestorme range is increased now. My is 6,67 :slight_smile:

Again, altering a unit’s stats during an ongoing proleague? WTF@Nikko ? Now that players raiding in the last hour can laugh at those deadly bomb and skull towers con their Froster got buffed?

I want my 12 minutes compensation now!

This reminds me on a song (Oops I did it again from Brittney Spears). 

Come one, are they kidding us? Before I change something, I need to do an impact analysis. When it has influence on pro league, then wait till end of it. 



They removed the changes made because it caused disconnections for players. “Sorry for the incovenience”.

in russian we have sentense,seems its for this situation

все пошло по п…е

какие-то новые выражения :)))


I saw that 70% for a couple of minutes :slight_smile:

неужто не знаешь?) ну они жару дают, конечно, последнее время.


saw same)