Where is my loot?

Last week, I was seeing 250k+ opponents, even people with 500k shown up 3 times, but now, 100k is already a lot… Did Flare did something to their server to try to farm our credit cards again? 


Note: Some of my alliance-mates have the same problem. 

Your/our loot is in flaregames bank accounts…I am strungling in saving gold,my oponnets have between 1K and 100k-150K(i am lucky with this one).

From when this happened i have been spammed with “offers” of full chamber + gold protect.

“Thanks” for your update!!! You prooved always with every update that you are greedier than before

I am a lvl76 king and buyed in this game, but not anymore.

The question now is not, if i will buy to have gold but if it i will remain in the game when i need a full day to get 2M by fighting all the time.

I hope you are a lot of developers in flaregames, because in the end only you will remain to play this game. Already sorry for the months invested in the game

No fun, no game. Period

Forgot to say, I use a lot the random match opponent.

Several times x 50. What were the chances to not get anyone above 150 in 300 tries. I should play at loto

Info:If i get players from favorites or rank list loot sems to be ok, this is just another feature/bug of your random oponent search