Where is my team?

This the last ranking in league pro. But where are my friends of France 98? They were 6 in top 10 but they have been banned from this lp! Why? They are just good players. You banned them only because some players are jealous

Did you just openly admitted that they were sharing the same IP? Well I guess now everyone knows why they got banned.

In the english language everything is backwards. So, in some other language, instead of PL, it is LP like he said. 

Yes thank you

Lol, does sound like it, but this is a language issue.


Pro league = ligue pro    on the french version so we call it lp, his first letter was a L, not a i  ^_^



Haha ok sorry. Well, let them contact support and let flare investigate then.

Hello guys,

The forum is not the place to discuss in-game bans. Please contact customer support, if you have questions about your account or actions that were taken on your account.

Thank you!