Where is the fun?

I have to admit, with boosted airblaster and mommy, the game is pretty dead for free users. Even with skillfull players, it is almost impossible to raid bases with those boost. I thought it might be still hope, when the developer updated more level for spells such us sonicblast or  shield,… However, with boosted airblaster and mommy, it became “Scroll war”, not “clan war” anymore. The hero became more and more useless, so are the troops we can carry. None of them can compete with the heavy defenses if we don’t use scroll, it’s hopeless to win.


I think many players are glad with the update, where they can use their money to flood bases and gain skulls, win the war, but I don’t see the fun, the joy and the player’s skills in this game anymore. 


Just a thought for the administrator to look at and might be considered for the upcoming updates…


This has been discussed a few times and I agree completely , what is more worrying is that we haven’t even seen mummy and arbs boost at their max level yet ! 

Guess its time for a new ‘must have’ very expensive spell to make an appearance, unlike SR I hope this one actually works! 

Completely agree with you.froster blaster is insanely tough because of his healing power.its ok if they heal only other units but healing towers and barricades is insane.I think they must change their game name to "drop the money"2.:confused:

I am finding completely difficult to farm bases with huge waves of Frost Blaster. Those minions actually are healing barricades and Skull towers XD. They become almost Immortal during the healing process. Looks very bad :wacko:





Yeah, I hope they’ll fix it soon, because these arblasters are so hard to beat… But remember that you don’t have to raid bases full of arblasters all the time, you can look for players to raid searching into others alliances, in the learderbord and others ways. You just have to search for them! Since I tried to beat a base full of arblasters and only got 3% I’ve never tried it again (I can try again if they fix it)

I agree. It’s very hard to raid a base scroll free now. These new boosts are too powerful. Arblaster healing traps, towers and barricades make it so hard to get through!

I think it means we have to think about the game in a completely different way. It’s not a mere “go out and tear things down”. You have to be more precise, more surgical, in your raids. 

Want to kill large groups of arblasters? Use swordrain at the expense of others spells that can tear down towers. 


Want to tear down the Doom Gate? You just can’t pile a whole army of knights on anymore. They’ll die halfway through. 


Want to let your leader run ahead? Watch out for elite mummies that will send a horde of knights running after you just when you thought you cleared them.


Seems like Flare is making us pick our weapons a little more carefully. 


Of course, I’ve been slowed down a lot by the new elite arbs, even after killing them all in one shot, because of their heal. I don’t think there’s a more frustrating defensive troop in the game. One day, I may say the same as you, especially as people start to maximize their defensive potential. 

To Blookie: See one of my suggestions was to add some better and more diverse Elite boosts and Elite Spells to combat some of the overpowered ones now and spread some more Elite/troop/spell usage; I made a list of them in my thread called “New Elite Boost Ideas-” in the Suggestions and Improvements section.  I’d post a link but my forum would allow me to quote anything, post any links, or use auto-saved posts anymore for some odd reason.


I don’t like Elite boosts to begin with but it’s a “fight fire with fire” type of situation at the moment, can’t take them away so you have to fight Elites with Elites or really maxed out Offenses.

My only problem with Elite arbs is that they heal towers/barricades. Besides, I think Elite Mummy is far more annoying. I hate running into waves of mummies. After you use sword rain to clear out one, there are two right behind it, and at that point swordrain/blizzard is on cooldown! So frustrating. I understand that Flare does everything within their power to make us spend as much money as possible, but at what point does it stop being “A good business strategy” and becomes “Screwing your players to gut them of their finances”? I feel even worse for free players. For them, this game is probably not even worth playing anymore lol