Where is the map of conquest mode?

? Where is the map of conquest mode?

Please tell me。。。I do not seem to be able to participate

The same here…alliance Polish Knights. nothingg. no conquer map at all

Was not it today? Is it after 21days?  Aslan777 allaiance

It’s below the mountains of Gems wasted by the players in this update…

Edit: hoping nobody used gems to speed up updates…that would be hard to swallow…

There are reports that all members of the Aslan 777 alliance can not play.

Please show me to that mountain instead of conquest mode. I will pick up gem for 9 days with my alliance members. :wink:

@Flare… we want play also like other Alliance… WTF??

Again a great effort Failgames…LOL

I can show you the map to the mountains, but there is a dragon called Smaug and it’s not a friendly pal…

Most confusing part is movement for the first time. The map is huge, so it will take a lot of time to reach other parts of the total map. Players were thinking I started a watchtower on their place, can that icon be altered to make it clear it’s no watchtower?

Creating a watchtower takes 1 day, 2 hours plus 150k alliance gold? Much too long. Did start one to test and get us on the a scoreboard.

More confusing is how to assign troops. Players still inside the building can be assigned troops to, others exploring not. I hope that this is still possible later. Research is completely nuts, back to stronghold headquarters to find it. 

This is going to absorb a lot of time, after moving to grassland, even 45 minutes cool down. Do we need to login in the middle of the night to make progress? This can’t be seriously the objective. With that slow progress of exploring (at that speed) we can be happy to meet any opponent within 2-3 days, if we are fortunate to ever discover them. closest nearby team we can reach for sure, but the team furthest away?

Flare, seriously you can’t expect us to login every hour to expand exploring the map. It’s not done to login 10+ times a day, some amongst us have a family life. Sure, it costs only a few minutes, but not all are in position to do this.

And when we reach a war and lose, you seriously can’t expect us to follow same long road to reach tiles where the action is. That takes days. This cool down and movement definitely needs to be reconsidered. Members with a job or family life can’t login plenty of times.

When my boss would discovers that I constantly are logging in, I would be in serious trouble and I think others with a phone device can’t go to toilet every 45 minutes. (A joke, I can’t carry my laptop to toilet?). 

So there is still a lot of work to do to improve this conquest I guess.

@Flare… Time is ticking… other alliance already moving…why are not able to see conquest map???

I just got a info that our alliance is on the map with CIA , Elitarni and LE Lions… WTF? we are on the map…but we can not do anything???

FCNK Joke… other will be able to kick us and we can not do anything… FIX IT with SPEEEED. WTF???

Why ? We can not get in the conquest map ?? 

Here is the proof…


Where a u all… 1 hour already lost… u have screen shot below… we are on the map… but we do not see any map ?

Why no one answer and slove this problem , all of our member waiting for get in the map , it waste 1.5 hour already .

my alliance : 劍之初心

@Pete @PaSte @Lisa

Hey, we’re looking into the problem at the moment. I’ll keep you updated whenever we know something.

Relax, those scoring points only mean those teams are building watchtowers. 

You start by clicking on the donkey or going to stronghold screen. When you check bottom left, there is the conquest map. Now go to the building, you see a number of players there. now click on the targeting icon bottom right (not the globe). You will get centered where you reside. Now click on your tile where you reside. When not in cooldown, you can click on a tile max three spots away.

There you go, you moved. You see something like this,  image.png

Stronghold and members on a spot. The one with 3 we build a watchtower, that gives conquest scores. 


this is representing my location  image.png

I have 413 energy and am in cooldown of 1hour 55 minutes.

So don’t panic, scores come by building watchtowers and exploration

I also see that alliances that have more workers will discover areas faster - weaker alliances are in the ass again.

Hi Dena4

With full respect…  Don’t panic??? Other are moving we do not no nothing.Already couple of hours we lost and u say no panic. we do not know how many hours longer will spend Flare to fix it… So even  this hours are what we have now is already lost…and it must be some compensation for this

I/m curious how will be your reaction when YOUR alliance will do not see the map…

and  BTW … your post are under wrong topic I think …topic is

Where is the map of conquest mode?

So when u want write your suggetions and explanation about Conqest please create OTHER topic for this.thanks

So the bug you face is that your team doesn’t see a map at all? Okay, that’s indeed a huge problem.

The way I did understand, was that members didn’t know how to move on that map. My team members also had no clue what to do. 

There is some miscommunication here, I didn’t know your team faces this kind of horrible bug. Hope they can fix it, but I don’t see how to make it fair for your team. Maybe a good compensation will help (i.e. giving all conquest rewards, including boosts).

But that is up to flare.

Ok… now it is clear.  thx?

You are welcome.