Where is the map of conquest mode?

I agree to that this is a huge disaster. Our clan had no chance to start the conquest before we lost and the event was gone?


Now I can do conquest mode.

Thank you for fixing the trouble in a hurry


Then one advice is to start moving and building watch towers. The map is huge.

@Lisa @PaSte

I can confirm…we can access now Conquest map.First thanks for that  . but we lost almost 6 hours… So we await some compensation from your side.thx

:slight_smile:?? compensation)

I did not wrote to u … did I tag u in my post???  so get off u flare troll… lol

Calculating it is 8 days by five craftsmen
The maximum possible construction of the Watchtower is 40. In case
I wonder if we can get a box of rewards pal.
(But I chose the study of defense power)


・・・ :wink:

Hi people, only by the way, but there is still a compensation? ? After all, my alliance has been able to do 6 hours nothing, in this I already see a disadvantage! ?


I read the email from support.
There is no talk about compensation.


hi dear

you can see it during the war. in fact I do not like map mode at all.

enjoy game ?

hi Exiled.

RentalRR 2, Morfoz 's alliance and my alliance were delayed for 6 hours start due to a problem in the previous conquest mode.

That’s all.

Have a nice day ?