Where the heck are our jesters?

Hello I am the leader of shadowfall. We won level 3 jesters in this pro league and when pro ended jesters were actived then turned off. Find this to be very annoying especially in the last day of war our bases got weaker. With the timing of this mess up hopefully we can be compensated with alliance gold or something as it affected all of us 


Same issue as here: 


This bug happens because you’ve let the boost expire at the same time when the new one should get activated. A race condition between these two exists, and if you’re unlucky, you get the activation first, and then the expire action immediately turns all off.

Hello, sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face:

I am moving this topic to bugs though because this section is read by our game testers. Thank you! Ps - for an individual check of your alliance/their boosts you need to contact our support team: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

They will look into your account and can check your boosts.

But in order to help us fix the bugs in the bug section, more info is appreciated (game logs, your user name and so on).

Thank you!

I am a general in Shadowfall Alliance, and I had sent an email before our leader posted here. i still haven’t had a reply either. This is unacceptable in my opinion. we work hard for our boosts, and expect our efforts to be honored. We should not be penalized because we time our boosts well. it seems to me that if you knew this was an issue, we should have been informed before now. 

Ps. My user name is <Lucylou>

This is <Lucylou> again…still no box of shocks…what does it take for you to check your emails and reply at least??? At least tell us you are looking into this issue. This is very poor customer service. Not sure what to tell my alliance. They keep asking what is going on.

After 2 days without our boost, that’s it?? No reply to emails, no comments here? Just turn it on and we should just be happy we got something we earned. I usually am not a complainer, I have been playing this game now well over 4 years. As you can see, I don’t come on here and gripe about every little issue that comes up. I guess this is why everyone always *****es about Flaregames. You have opened my eyes. not sure I want to thank you for it.

I see you will edit my naughty word, but no reply. does that give me a demerit?


Hi Lucylou,

I am sorry to hear you have not received an answer sooner on your tickets. Please note that this is the developer forum, where we look into bugs and technical issues more closely but not into individual boost problems, so the customer service is the correct point of contact as I have informed the thread operator in my first message.

The customer service ticket volume sometimes peaks, so that answer times might be delayed. This is unfortunate of course and I can understand that in the heat of the battle being disadvantaged is not that great! I do ? . So I know that this most certainly is very frustrating for you ? (being a fellow gamer as well), but there is no need to bump your thread here again because the customer service is not involved the forums and doesn’t read these threads.

We do not look into tickets here, that does the customer service. The thread operator has received my answer asap that the customer support needs to be contacted.

Please note that it can be that some processes happen at the same time so that it might be that there is some delay.

The naughty word has been automatically censored. No human labor was involved. All hail our robot overlords ?. No, seriously, it doesn’t give you a demerit now, but bumping a thread very often or being somewhat rude (flaming) possibly can.

I understand you were frustrated in this situation that was caused by a game mistake, so obviously I want to give you some slack. ?

But please be advised to stick to the forum rules in the future.

Anyways, I am happy to hear the issue is resolved now.

Thank you and good day! :slight_smile:


I am going to disagree with this whole situation. I was emailing the way I was told to before titan posted this. I got a reply a full 3 days after the first email. So yes, I would have expected some sort of response sooner. 

I never read the rules. As a responsible adult, I think I know how to conduct myself. My parents taught me as a child.