Which hero is required to fight on Hydra islands?

Is it Helen of Troy or Hercules (according to the myth)?

Hydra was one of the labours of Hercules.

Where is the Argolic Gulf of hydra located (is it 8000dom or higher)?

who fights the hydra?

15.000 dominance


15k to explore it is needed

15.000 dominance 

jow you think whats meen?

answering on the answer…

Jow?  Meen?  What are you asking? 


Hes askin “Whaddya think i meant?”

crabas tu lochas


Killbush tu lochas

If having trouble getting past hydra islands remember that Hercules is strong and fast enough to get to end of level by just running around apponents and knocking down gate by himself! Not as many keys this way but it gets the island open for resources lol