Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

Hello people,


What heroes you prefer taking in wars and why? Be as detailed as possible, not just 5 words lmao :wink:

Good topic, but i don’t think veterans players want say which is their “secrets” techniques developed whit time, attempt and patience 

Well… they don’t HAVE to spill all the beans you know… a few reasons to why they want a certain hero won’t hurt. I’m just trying to bring to these forums a breath of life, so let’s play a long a little bit, 'ight? Cheers!

for example, I who are in a lower league port the heroes who are at that time on islands that produce less resources and certainly never bring Ajax to war

Why not Ajax? He’s a powerhouse! He will still protect the gate if you have him as the guardian, or am I wrong?

it takes too much time to improve its unique powers

Hmmm… I unlocked 3 of him so far, and upgraded them to the max of my Shrine of Power… so I’m thinking of taking him to this war along Perseus

I use Cadmus, Athena and either Ariadne or Helen. Why? I’ve spent the most time forging gear for them. 

Lolz, sounds like a legit reason hahaha

When you’re first starting out, I’d suggest going with your highest level heroes. Having the shorter cooldown on fury is critical.

Once you have a number of heroes at a respectable level, it’s all about who you like to play. Wars are long and there’s a lot of fury to spend. It’s important that you won’t get annoyed or bored with the heroes you’re locked into using for 49 or 72 hours. 

For example: Hercules is powerful, and my hercules is good (or would be if I spent a week upgrading some gear for him), but i find him pretty boring to play so I choose to take different heroes in war. 

oh I’m still pretty early in the game still (just Ascension lvl 61). and my highest level of heroes is 16… so I will take Perseus (16) and Ajax (14 tho). I like playing those 2 so i won’t get bored anytime soon… I do hate playing Helen… her power annoys me…

hey. since update i play with hercules, perseus and achilles during war.

all of them have the ability to break trough barricades and gate if needed (if time gets too close…) and don’t have to rely on troops (but troops do help a lot, so i try to play with them).

hercules is really good since update (even without forging his uniques), for perseus i forge(d) good gear and for achilles i was lucky with damage reflex (but it fades since leveling… :slightly_frowning_face: ). all are using titan red items. i like them not to die (too much) on the path and near the gate keeper, so i give them protections. for offense i like strength, attack speed, demolition and since update frostbite (which i really hope flaregame does not change the stats once lvl rushing players reach max lvl again… but that is another part of the story…). 

because i also got questioned about stats and setup from a player of my ally (and i don’t use line or WA), here are some screens, how i play them in offense during war. atm i still can beat players from very good alliance, some with the need of gems, some without - but it gets harder now. i do not use autoplay mode during war. values enhanced by masteries are yellow.




i do not want to boast or something like that and i am also not saying this is the best way nor that i am. truely not. but i want to show that it is possible to get good results, so i also added a screen of the actual war (6h and 6 raids before ending) against a very strong alliance. (and believe me, at the end of war, i will not stand on first place ? ). atm my player level is 135.


Now THAT’s a reply I was waiting for!

Great post, NaN! Thank you for your shared information! Much appreciated!

Great job on that war! I did just a bit over 17k VP lmao, but we are a young alliance and me a lvl 61 noob lol. But we won 4 wars in a row! :wink: